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1,000 trees planted in Far North Queensland

1,000 trees planted in Far North Queensland

The Indigenous community of Kowanyama in Queensland’s far north is now 1,000 trees greener.

Greenfleet partnered with Telstra and its employees to work with Kowanyama on a planting project for the community, which is recovering from Cyclone Nora earlier this year.

Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council and the community led the project to ensure Greenfleet’s revegetation expertise was put to good use.

Because of this, Greenfleet’s regular practice of planting carefully considered, biodiverse native plants were augmented by the inclusion of fruit trees, providing a source of fresh fruit in a place where it can otherwise be hard to come by.

Speaking at the day, CEO of Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council Fabian Williams said the planting project would deliver sustainable produce options for his community.

“We’re very excited to have all of the community involved,” he said. “Thank you to Greenfleet and Telstra for the opportunity. This is a fantastic outcome to give back to the community for long-term sustainability.”

The planting day, held on World Environment Day (June 5), was a success for all involved, and included a visit from the Hon Mark Ryan, Queensland Minister for Police and Corrective Services, and Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart.

Telstra Fleet Operations Manager, Steve Ellis said he and Telstra’s employees were delighted to be working with the local community to achieve a greener future for Kowanyama.

“We are committed to working with Greenfleet in helping to respond to climate change through initiatives which also contribute to community well-being,” he said.

Telstra and its employees are one of Greenfleet’s largest supporters.

Greenfleet’s Reforestation General Manager, Michael Coleman, said this project was a long-time in the making and the team is proud of the work achieved.

“It feels great to know that these trees are going to make a difference, not only for the environment, but also for Kowanyama’s community,” he said. “Together with one of Australia’s largest company, Telstra, visionaries at the Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council and community we’ve established a long-term project which will benefit many generations to come. I couldn’t’ be prouder!”

Of the 1,000 trees planted on the day, 420 were fruit trees planted by students from Kowanyama State School. Volunteers from RISE Ventures’ community development program also took part.

All up, the community came together to plant 2.5 kilometres of trees. As they grow, they will protect the climate, provide a valuable fresh fruit source and green the area.



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