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Car Next Door + Greenfleet = ‘holy trinity’ of emissions reductions

Car Next Door + Greenfleet = ‘holy trinity’ of emissions reductions


Car Next Door offsets with Greenfleet

We are very excited to partner with Car Next Door, the award-winning and Australian first neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing network.

“We established Car Next Door to reduce the amount of carbon going into the atmosphere,” said Will Davies, CEO of Car Next Door.

“By offsetting our emissions, we are creating a ‘holy trinity’ of emissions reduction.  We believe this new initiative will be well-received by our customers as yet another reason to use Car Next Door,” he added.

Wayne Wescott, Greenfleet CEO said: "There is a strong alignment of values between Greenfleet and Car Next Door – with both companies providing a practical solution that empowers people to take action on climate change. Car Next Door is showing Australians how simple it is to reduce our emissions – and offset the rest.”

Learn more about Car Next Door and how you can save by borrowing your neighbour's car or get some extra cash by renting out your own vehicle. And be part of the eco-responsible community!