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Greenfleet partners with Sea Life Melbourne to educate about trees and turtles

Greenfleet partners with Sea Life Melbourne to educate about trees and turtles

We are very excited to be partnering with Sea Life Melbourne to educate children about the ways in which trees can help save turtles, as part of a special interactive exhibit at Sea Life this July.

Did you know trees could help turtles?

Greenfleet’s role helping to protect turtles first began in 2017. Greenfleet joined forces with the Bundaberg Regional Council to plant 85,000 native seedlings throughout Queensland’s Barolin Nature Reserve.wo
The nature reserve is immediately adjacent to Mon Repos beach, which supports the largest concentration of nesting marine turtles on the eastern Australian mainland, including critically endangered Loggerhead turtles. Once hatched, the baby turtles must find their way out to sea.

To do this, they instinctively follow the brightest light source they can see. However, due to the bright lights of nearby human civilisation, the turtles can become disoriented and some head inland, away from the safety of the sea and towards predators and exhaustion.

This is where trees play a vital role. As it grows, the Barolin forest will form a ‘green curtain’, helping to shield the turtles from the urban glow and allowing more of the them to make it to sea (as well as absorbing 69,000 tonnes of CO2-e in the process).


Experience this in person!

As part of Sea Life Melbourne’s school holiday program this July, Greenfleet and Sea Life are creating a miniature, interactive version of our Barolin forest to help visitors get a first-hand understanding of the role trees and forests can play in the welfare of turtles.

Our exhibit will be set up at the aquarium and feature a beach, ocean and cityscape, as well as a forest of real trees. Lighting will create the glow of the city and the ocean, and children will be encouraged to get involved by moving toy turtles away from the city and towards the sea.


There will also be the opportunity for visitors to colour in a turtle picture, learn more about our work, and make a donation to support future Greenfleet projects. 

If you know a budding, young environmentalist (or perhaps you’re a budding, young-at-heart environmentalist!), head to the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium these school holidays between June 30 – July 22. You’ll be able to experience our exhibit, as well as explore the rest of Sea Life Melbourne’s ‘Habitat’ themed school holiday activities.

Where: Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium. Corner of King Street and Flinders Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

When: 30 June – 22 July 2018 

Book online at: