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5 minutes with David from Greenamotive

5 minutes with David from Greenamotive

The team at Greenamotive are focused on running an environmentally-conscious business that makes a real and positive impact. In an industry that is still considered slow on environmental solutions, Greenamotive provides a fresh approach to vehicle service and repair. Since partnering with Greenfleet in 2017, Greenamotive has planted two trees for each vehicle serviced. What a great initiative! We recently caught up with owner, David Payne, to find out more about the company and their positive environmental footprint.

Greenfleet: Hi David, can you tell us more about Greenamotive?

David Payne: We wanted to start a business that was more sustainable by reducing emissions, reducing our customers’ carbon footprint, and giving something back to the environment. There are a lot of different businesses doing great work in a variety of areas, but nobody is doing anything in the auto industry with regards to service, maintenance and repairs of cars. The automotive industry in general is very slow to do much at all with regards to the environment.

What we are doing is a mobile automotive service, maintenance and repairs business operating around the inner suburbs of Melbourne. We are attempting to create a new idea in the automotive industry by trying to lower our impact on the environment, while also trying to lower our customers’ impact at the same time.

Our vehicle emissions are offset with Greenfleet and 95% of our power tools are powered by lithium ion batteries which are charged on our way to and from jobs via the van’s charging system or on-board battery storage. Our office energy requirements are supplied by 100% Green Energy. 



What inspired you to plant trees on behalf of your customers for each car serviced?
The whole idea is to try and lower the impact that vehicles have on the environment. Planting trees not only offsets the emissions we make, it also creates green space, restores previously cleared areas and depleted farm land areas, and creates habitat for our native wildlife. Our clients are choosing to help create a better environment and we like to think of them as “creators” rather than “consumers”; they have chosen for their car to plant trees.

You have been supporting Greenfleet since Greenamotive first opened and have already helped plant over 200 native trees! Tell us what prompted you to choose Greenfleet as your environmental partner?
When researching different ways of offsetting our emissions, it was important for us to give something back to the planet and help the environment. Seeing all the great work that Greenfleet have done over the past 20 years gave us the confidence that we are making an excellent choice for our business and our clients.

It’s not just about carbon offsetting for us, it’s about creating areas for wildlife habitat, creating green space for people to enjoy and restoring cleared land back to a biodiverse state.

Do you have any other environmental goals?

We will continually try and lower our emissions; as we grow we will implement newer technologies and processes to lower our carbon footprint further. We are aiming to be a carbon neutral organisation in the future and are monitoring waste and recyclable materials that the cars we service and repair generate. Through measuring the amount of waste generated from maintaining vehicles we hope we can help create change within the industry.

As for me personally, I’m looking forward to another year of volunteering for environmental groups such as Friends of Darebin Creek where we are restoring areas along Darebin creek through weeding, rubbish clean ups and planting indigenous plants. I also do some Water Watch volunteering for Melbourne Water and Merri Creek Management Committee testing the water quality, and macro invertebrate surveys which give you a wealth of information about the animals that can live in and along the creek.


What is your favourite place to go to in nature?
So many beautiful places around Victoria but a couple of places stick out for me the most.
The Dandenong Ranges area, because it’s only a short drive from the city. I just love standing next to the giant mountain ash trees, they are just so big and powerful standing tall amongst beautiful tree ferns and different wildflowers. Grampians National Park would have to be another of my favourites. Hiking around there in the spring is amazing; the different wildflowers on display is just breathtaking.

Thank you, David, for taking the time to share more about Greenamotive incredible initiatives and for your wonderful support of Greenfleet. It’s great to have you onboard!

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