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The before & after of a Victorian property - what it was and what it has become

The before & after of a Victorian property - what it was and what it has become

Drive 100 km north of Melbourne towards Bendigo and you will arrive in the heart of the Heathcote wine region. The landscape looks bare of native forests, with most of the region’s hillsides heavily cleared in the 1920s for firewood.

Fast-forward almost a century later, and the land is slowly being transformed back to native bush, thanks to land owners who dedicate part of their properties to native revegetation projects.

Take this private property in Glenhope East. Greenfleet worked with the property owners to revegetate nearly all their land and to bring back native animals and plants.

In 2005, we direct seeded 25 ha with a mix of 25 native species. We selected a range of native species including Drooping Sheoak (Allocasuarina verticillata), River Red Gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) and Prickly Tea Tree (Leptospermum continentale). If you wander through the forest today, you’ll discover a range of native flora, and even spot fungi growing on the forest floor.

“The forest is in excellent condition and growing very well, with trees up to 10 metres high. It is fantastic to see how the land has been transformed to witness nature coming back,” said Eoghan O’Connor, Greenfleet’s Revegetation Manager.

“The forest boasts a great mix of established native species, which in turn attract many native animals. This is a wonderful example of how expert native reforestation work is helping to protect our unique biodiversity,” he added.

This is even more than just bushland. This is practical climate action that is contributing to the restoration and sustainability of our environment. Our forests are restoring habitat and absorbing tonnes of CO2-e every day. With the use of FullCAM, the National Carbon Accounting Tool developed by CSIRO, we have estimated that this Greenfleet forest will have sequestered over 6,500 tonnes of CO2-e by the year 2035. That’s the same as removing 1,500 average cars from the road for one year!

We invite you to take practical climate action today and support our future environment. Offset your emissions through Greenfleet and restore and protect our unique landscape. I WANT TO OFFSET!