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5 minutes with Andrew, from Batch Brewing Company

5 minutes with Andrew, from Batch Brewing Company

With quirky names and traditional brewing styles, Batch Brewing Company is a hip neighbourhood business specialising in craft beer. What’s more, this small business has a modern-day approach to their environmental impact – they offset their emissions through Greenfleet! We recently caught up with co-founder, Andrew Fineran, to learn more about their craft, environmental approach and green goals for the future.

Greenfleet: Hi Andrew, can you tell us more about Batch Brewing Company? 

Andrew Fineran: We’re a small local brewery located in Marrickville, NSW, that sells fresh beer to the people of Sydney and more recently to select customers in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. We’ve been operating for four and a half years now and we’ve been putting out a steady string of new beers ever since we started. It’s about one new beer every 10 days!

What prompted you to start offsetting carbon emissions from your business? 

When we decided to sell interstate, we realised that we were expanding our carbon footprint even more and it made us think that we needed to do something about it. With four vehicles on the road in Sydney, we thought we should look to offset all beer deliveries, local and interstate. We looked into several options including biodiesel, but they didn’t seem to fit the bill.

This is why you chose to support the environment through Greenfleet?

It is simply the easiest and best way for us to offset our diesel consumption!

Do you have any other environmental goals? 

We’d love to be as environmentally friendly as possible, but to be 100% efficient in this area is going to take some time. For now, our short-term goal is to get the brewery and our warehouse fitted with solar panels to offset our energy consumption as much as possible.

What is your favourite thing about the Australian environment?

It’s absolutely beautiful from the beaches to the red centre. So, let’s not spoil it!

You have some quirky beverage names, how do you come up with these?

Quite often we ask the team to come up with ideas and we throw them around until one sticks. When we can, we try to put something behind the beer like a story or inspiration to get to the name. But, there is no straight forward path to the name. Sometimes it’s just quick and easy and sometimes it’s not! With our ‘sours’, we have a rap theme, so it’s put to the team to come up with the best rap name to match the style of beer. Our latest sour coming out will be called Big Pun-net, because we’re using fruits typically found in punnets.

Are there any interesting facts about the Batch Brewing Company team we don’t know?

We give our spent grain to farmers for livestock to eat, and we use growler bottles at the tasting room where our customers can have them refilled, reducing glass wastage.

Thank you, Andrew, for taking the time to share more on Batch Brewing Co’s incredible initiatives and for your wonderful support of Greenfleet. We look forward to hearing more quirky names!

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