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5 minutes with Jess from Zuper

5 minutes with Jess from Zuper

Fresh to market, Zuper is an Australian fintech start-up aimed at disrupting the superannuation industry by giving consumers more control in how they can connect their money with the world, so that it better powers the future they want to live in. They focus on investing in health, green and tech and avoid investing in the nasties such as tobacco or manufacturing nuclear or other controversial weapons.

While the main objective for Zuper is to help people build the future they want, the organisation is also concurringly building its own future. Part of this future involves taking practical action and ownership of the carbon they emit by supporting Greenfleet. Welcome to the family Zuper!

Greenfleet: Hi Jess, can you tell us more about Zuper?

Jess Ellerm, Zuper CEO & co-founder:

Zuper is new superannuation company that helps Australians easily choose how their super is invested. They can choose from renewables, innovative health companies and emerging technology businesses, from all over the world. Once people join Zuper, we also help them power up their career through our Learn More / Earn More program, which gives them exclusive access to discounts on courses from General Assembly, Academy Xi, Switch L+D and many more. 

What environmental goals would you like to achieve?

We vote governments in to change things and get frustrated when they don't. What we haven't realised is that the way we invest our money is another vote, that's possibly more powerful. I'd love to see the whole of Australia put their money where their values are, whether that be for the environment, health outcomes, or businesses that are focused on building great communities.

What’s your favourite thing about the Australian environment?

I love our beaches. You'll find me down at Bondi most weekends in the summer, especially Icebergs pool! I did my first ocean swim last year and it was pretty exhilarating. We are so privileged to have this at our doorstep.

When customers join Zuper, Zuper makes a donation on their behalf to an Instant Impact partner. Why did you choose Greenfleet as Zuper’s Green Instant Impact partner?

Your super is about long-term impact, and Instant Impact is about impact right now. That was the genesis of our Instant Impact program - to make something happen right now. The best things in life are simple and straightforward, so what better way to make an instant impact on the world then by planting a tree? You can see a direct outcome from the action, which is what we love about Greenfleet. We also chose Greenfleet as it lines up with our Green fund, so we know that people who are driven to invest in renewables would also love to see us make a difference right here right now with them as a partner.

Zuper gives customers the option to invest their superannuation in clean energy and environmentally focused companies. Why do you think the environment is so important to your customers?

We believe being a good environmental citizen has become mainstream - it's the status quo for a good portion of society today, especially the younger generations. We also know people are passionate about the technologies behind the renewables sector, solar power, wind and lithium ion-batteries - so much so they believe that's where the future is heading and want to back it. So, our Green option is all about letting people express their values and beliefs about the future, in their super. It's also somewhat fulfilling. Ultimately, we can create the outcome we want, if enough of us collectively come together.

Are there any interesting facts about Zuper that we haven’t covered?

You can up vote new investment options inside our platform! Right now our Future Women option is a crowd favourite. The idea here is to curate a collection of companies that promote gender diversity and show gender equality in senior leadership and across their business. Companies with greater diversity have been shown to drive better financial outcomes for shareholders. So, these sorts of investment options aren't feel good, they are profit good! We'd love people to get onto our platform and vote, as it helps us verify that there is real demand before we build.

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