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5 minutes with Rebecca, a Greenfleet champion

5 minutes with Rebecca, a Greenfleet champion

Early this year, Rebecca joined our like-minded community by making her first carbon emission offset with Greenfleet. We recently caught up with her to learn more about her environmental goals and to find out what inspired her to join our community. 

Greenfleet: Hi Rebecca, welcome to Greenfleet and thank you for your generous offset donation! Can you tell us more about yourself? 


Hello to the crew at Greenfleet! I am a keen gardener and enjoy connecting with people while working on community projects. I often spend hours pottering around our local community garden, especially if others are around to share a yarn. 

After recently moving to the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, I have felt the power of community collaboration and have come to believe that active communities are the key to making great change. The achievements that this region has had, such as the victory at Bentley, Australia’s first community-owned renewable-energy retailer, and the ongoing work of passionate locals are a constant inspiration for me. 

After some time trying to figure out how I could contribute to a positive future, I discovered that working with children and young people is where my strengths and interests lie. Presently, I am in my third year studying a Bachelor of Education at Southern Cross University, with a focus on Geography teaching. Wherever I end up, I hope to be helping children and young people to feel empowered, so they are able to take action on issues that are important to them.

How did you discover Greenfleet?

My partner told me about Greenfleet after noticing an intriguing sticker on a stranger’s car that mentioned offsetting vehicle emissions. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be the work of the wonderful organisation that is Greenfleet.

What was it about Greenfleet that inspired you to get onboard? 

I love that Greenfleet takes a direct action approach. I was really impressed when I first saw the before and after photos of one of Greenfleet’s planting sites in Coorabell, NSW, a town not far from where I live. To see a neglected piece of land turned into a native forest was great and I thought, “This just makes sense!” 

What are your hopes in the future?

I have too many hopes for the future to list here! But as far as transport goes, I really hope to see Australia improve its energy efficiency in this area, because at the moment we are falling far behind compared to most developed nations. I would love to see efforts made to encourage more people to use public transport and other alternatives to cars. It would be great if Australian cities embraced the cycling and walking culture of cities such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

What would you say to someone who does not know about Greenfleet? 

Sometimes riding your bike or walking to your destination is just not an option and living off-grid certainly isn’t for everybody. I understand that for most people it can be really difficult to avoid using a car or travelling by plane. My father lives in Western Australia and my return plane trip to visit him covers roughly 6500 kms, that’s a lot of CO2-e guilt! But I love my Dad, so I do it anyway! I’m glad that Greenfleet has given me the option to offset my emissions, it’s a step towards compensating for my actions.

Thanks Bec for taking the time to answer our questions, and thank you for being such a wonderful advocate for climate action!

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