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Private land conservation is big business

Private land conservation is big business

On October 24, our GM Revegetation, Michael Coleman will be presenting at PLC18, the leading National Private Land Conservation Conference.

Held in Queensland, the PLC18 conference brings together participants from all corners of Australia to celebrate the importance of private land conservation. 

PLC18 showcases stories of landholders, businesses, conservation professionals, indigenous organisations and many others who are helping grow Australia’s private protected areas from thousands to millions of hectares. This event brings inspiration with vision and possibilities, novel solutions and cross-sector collaborations. 

We are excited to join the conversation and demonstrate the importance of connection across land, people, ecosystems and species. 

The theme “Accelerating Connection” provides a splendid opportunity for us to share Greenfleet’s rewarding involvement in the Low Glow project. Michael will talk about turtles, trees and tourism, and our innovative approach to connecting ecosystem restoration and community activation during the Reef Showcase session. 

You are welcome to join him and other guest speakers in working together better for a resilient and prosperous environment by registering for the conference. If you can’t make it to Brisbane, follow the hashtag #PLC18 for all the latest news or to join in the discussions.

To explore the program and/or register go to,

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