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5 Minutes with Jordan from ecoloads

5 Minutes with Jordan from ecoloads

With a focus on community, backloading and sustainability, ecoloads is a transport start-up that connects customers to transporters and offsets some of the carbon emissions from each delivery job with Greenfleet. We recently caught up with ecoloads founder Jordan Panos to chat about their innovative approach to transport and the environment.

Greenfleet: Hi Jordan, can you tell us a bit more about ecoloads? 

Jordan Panos: ecoloads essentially offers environmentally minded transport services by donating to offset the carbon emissions associated to the jobs fulfilled on the platform. Further to this, Australia's road freight network currently employs over 192,600 people. Ecoloads can help ensure their trucks are not travelling back empty on return journeys. We hope the platform will encourage backloading efficiencies in Australia and in turn decrease traffic congestion, reduce road incidents, noise pollution and make a more positive environmental impact with less trucks on the road. Thirdly, it’s a win win for transporters across the country, especially rurally placed individuals and businesses. Environment. Backloading. Community. These three pillars mark the call to action where ecoloads plans to make a difference.

Where did the idea to connect customers with transporters come from? 

I had to send a pallet of paper to the Northern Territory. I couldn’t find a transporter to do it for less than $1,000 and wanted to keep cost of transport below the cost of goods. I thought surely someone was driving back from Sydney to the NT who could do it for a quarter of the price. 

Ecoloads automatically donates to offset associated carbon from delivery jobs booked on the platform. Why do you think it’s important to have a sustainability vision as part of your business? 

I think society should always be considered as the customer-at-large. It is also vital to think forward toward our future generations. From our standpoint, we all benefit from backloading in turn creating safer road networks cross country. The more trees planted to offset transport carbon emissions is of course also valuable to the broader community and the environment we cohabit as a whole. Ecoloads plans to work with the government and unions in the near future. Being an instrumental voice in the transport sector could lead to more environmental accountability within the industry, ultimately stimulating necessary regulatory change. A sustainable vision needs to be implemented across board and we are looking forward to accelerating the momentum. 

Why did you choose to support the environment through Greenfleet? 

It is critical to be socially responsible, so environmentally-minded delivery services were a no-brainer. The ecoloads x Greenfleet partnership stems from our commitment to driving Australia toward a low carbon economy and into an energy-focused revolution. Ecoloads recognises the carbon impact freight vehicles have on the environment and pledges to Greenfleet from every job that is fulfilled. Our partnership with Greenfleet is in support of building resilient native forests which work to absorb carbon from the atmosphere. The synergy between both businesses is great. Ecoloads is grateful for the affiliation and commend Greenfleet on their drive and business ethos. 

Why do you think it is important for startups to take real climate action? 

Ecoloads aspires to positively disrupt the transport sector, changing it for the better and working toward a sustainable future. The ecoloads x Greenfleet partnership stems from encouraging environmental responsibility, and building national momentum to expedite more backloading efficiency locally and interstate. It is integral startups operate with a larger sense of community. Ecoloads offers a marketplace for customers and transporters country-wide, providing solutions for rurally placed individuals and city-folk alike. Investing in  the community, from Australia’s outback to CBD metropolises is another key cornerstone for the business. Real climate action starts with social responsibility. We showcase social impact through a series of micro-documentaries,  titled ‘Moving Stories’. Dialogue flows around moving in, moving out and/or moving on. The insights follow house-moves throughout Australia, showcasing real climate action and highlighting the families who are proud to put the environment first with ecoloads x Greenfleet. 

Do you have any other environmental goals? 

Yes, we are commencing a project to build a carbon calculator which will measure each transporter’s carbon footprint and the resources implemented to mitigate or offset such impressions on the environment.  We believe it is part of our role to do as much as we can to create awareness and transparency in relation to our environment.  Education and simple environmental messages such as offering customers and transporters a means to track their impact is a great way to start the shift in increasing and implementing effective environmental goals for all. 

Are there any other interesting facts about ecoloads that you can tell us? 

Ecoloads launched in February 2018 and won the Westpac top 200 Businesses of Tomorrow Award soon after. We were very proud of this recognition so early on in the game.

Thanks for taking the time to chat to us Jordan! We look forward to hearing more about ecoloads' impact in the future. 

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