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Amid the G20 hot air, Greenfleet provides practical action on climate change

Amid the G20 hot air, Greenfleet provides practical action on climate change

While the G20 leaders talk, Greenfleet is providing practical action on climate change.

Greenfleet has partnered with Alphabet Fleet, and will plant native trees to offset Alphabet’s participation in the G20 global leaders’ summit.

“Australians have become disheartened and disengaged with the lack of leadership and action on climate change, and could be forgiven for thinking G20 will be just more hot air,” says Greenfleet’s Chief Executive Officer, Wayne Wescott.

“But real action on climate change is occurring, and Australian organisations like Greenfleet are driving practical initiatives that are being embraced by both companies and individuals.”

Greenfleet and Alphabet are at the Brisbane Global Café this week – a two-day conference and exhibition that will attract global and local thought leaders to explore the world's most pressing issues.

Alphabet, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BMW Group Financial Services, is showcasing its electric mobility solutions that can cut emissions by up to 70 per cent.

Greenfleet will plant native trees in protected conservation areas to offset 43.6 tonnes of Alphabet’s emissions, generated from meals, travel, electric fleet transport, display and interactive fleet demonstration at this event.

“While political parties and policies change constantly, Greenfleet remains focused on the long-term,” Mr Wescott says.

“Our approach to offsetting carbon emissions is empowering people and companies to take practical action to address climate change, and enable investment in the lasting green infrastructure that is crucial to our nation’s future,” Mr Wescott concludes.