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5 Minutes with Drieli from Ethical Gallery

5 Minutes with Drieli from Ethical Gallery

Founded in July 2017, Ethical Gallery is a Brisbane based online boutique purely dedicated to designer vegan handbags. Not only does founder Drieli Roveda believe in cruelty-free fashion, but she also believes in minimising her business' impact on the environment. We recently chatted with Drieli to find out more about her ethical approach to fashion and business.


Greenfleet: Hi Drieli! Can you tell us more about Ethical Gallery?

Drieli Roveda, founder of Ethical Gallery:  

Ethical Gallery is a Brisbane-based online boutique entirely dedicated to cruelty-free handbags. We curate the world’s best in leather-free handbags taking into account their design, quality and ethics. We currently feature labels from the US, Europe and Australia, with materials ranging from premium faux leather to eco-friendly alternatives such as piñatex (made from pineapple leaves), cork and washable paper.

What prompted you to start Ethical Gallery?

As I became aware of the horrors of the leather industry, I started looking for leather-free handbags and struggled to find high quality, premium options. I ditched my old Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags and was shocked to see what was available to me. It was as if I had to choose between quality and looks OR ethics, which was extremely frustrating. I started curating images of the rare, beautiful vegan bags I could find on Pinterest, and started importing them for myself. Overtime I realised that I couldn’t be the only woman facing these challenges, and Ethical Gallery was born.
Today we offer a large ranges of vegan bags, ranging from low budget options to the luxurious ones.

Ethical Gallery promotes cruelty-free fashion, but also supports people and the environment by working with independent fashion labels and avoiding things like plastic packaging. Why do you think it’s important for businesses to take a holistic approach to limiting their impact on the world?

We live in a crucial era when everyone MUST act responsibly. As Jane Goodall said:
“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
Everything we do has an impact, good or bad, and when we’re talking about businesses this impact is amplified as not only are you choosing for yourself, but also for your shoppers. And I take this responsibility very seriously.
We know we are far from perfect (for example, we still have to use plastic satchels for international and express orders – around 15% of our shipments) but we are continuously looking for ways to minimise and offset our impact.

Why did you choose to support the environment through Greenfleet?

I believe planting forests is one of the most important things we can do to fight climate change and protect endangered species. I chose Greenfleet because all your work is done here in Australia, and you are planting trees here, not overseas. I love seeing the results of your work.

Do you have any advice for budding entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact with their business?

Don’t be afraid to spend more time and resources on conscious, smarter options when it comes to animal welfare and the environment. Also don’t be complacent just because you can’t achieve perfection. Start somewhere, do what you can.

What is your favourite thing about the Australian environment?

The incredible diversity! We have such a rich environment with the world’s most beautiful beaches, islands, forests and animals. I have a sweet spot for Eucalyptus trees – not only because they are the koalas’ natural home but also because of the fresh, invigorating scent they release and the beautiful essential oils they produce.

Any other interesting facts we should know about Ethical Gallery?
We are always introducing new collections of handbags and accessories from various sources and materials - follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be in the know!

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