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Meet Rebecca - Greenfleet’s new Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Meet Rebecca - Greenfleet’s new Marketing & Communications Coordinator

With a background in online marketing, Bec brings strong digital skills to the team, paired with a passion for storytelling and a hankering to see positive change in the world. 

We are delighted to have her bubbly personality join our Marketing & Engagement Team. Bec will be working to spread the word about our work, provide support to our individual offsetters and donors, organise outstanding events to engage with our supporters deeply, and help support our mission to lay the grounds for hope by empowering people to take tangible and long-lasting environmental action. 

Read this interview to learn more about Bec, and please join us in welcoming Bec to the team!  

Q. Hi Bec! Tell us a bit about your professional background. 

After I finished university I went into a marketing role for a company that was a comparison website. The role was all about content marketing, both written and video, and gave me lots of experience. Working in a very small team meant that I had to do a lot of different roles! I learnt fast and had to hit the ground running. 

Q. Has anything surprised you about Greenfleet so far? 

The cake! Oh my goodness there is so much cake! There always seems to be something to celebrate here, which is lovely. Aside from that, it’s incredible how connected the Greenfleet team is. We all have very different roles but we also all work closely towards our common goal. 

Q. What prompted you to seek work in the sustainability/environment space? 

I think it’s a pretty scary time for the environment in a lot of ways, and it’s difficult to feel like you can make a difference. My household tries to be as environmentally conscious as possible but sometimes it is easy to feel helpless as an individual. I love that Greenfleet offers a way to make a tangible difference to the environment. I think this is really important, and I’m very proud that I’m getting the opportunity to be a part of their mission and spreading the word about what they do. 

Q. You recently visited some of our Greenfleet forests. Tell us about your visit. 

I was very lucky to get taken to three of Greenfleet’s sites with Eoghan, from our forestry team. We first visited a site in Rowville called ‘Police Paddocks’. This is a relatively new site for us. I got to see the amount of growth that can happen in a couple of years and gain an understanding of the dangers our younger forests face while they’re establishing. The second forest was a smaller one in Knox, that has been growing for over twenty years. The trees here were very established and I got to see how high they can grow. 

The highlight of the day for me was visiting Kinglake National Park and seeing the Watson’s Creek Biolink that Greenfleet revegetated after the Black Saturday Bushfires. It was quite incredible to see the amount of growth that has happened since then but also confronting to be able to still see some of the damage done by the fires. Visiting here really gave me a sense of how important the work we do is. The trees are not only offsetting carbon in this area but also restoring habitat for some endangered species that are now living there again. 

I understood how incredible Greenfleet’s work was, but it’s very different seeing it firsthand. It made me even more excited to be working here. 

Q. What do you do when you’re not working? 

One of my favourite things to do outside of work is rock climbing. I try to go as often as I can. That’s definitely my most exciting hobby. Otherwise you’ll find me reading a book, cooking or looking after my plants. This season we’re growing strawberries, spinach and snow peas outside, and the indoor plants are starting to take over the apartment!