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The couple who planted trees for wedding favours

The couple who planted trees for wedding favours

Kimberley and Shaun got married in October, but they decided to host a wedding with a difference. Instead of traditional wedding favours, they planted one tree with Greenfleet on behalf of every guest at their wedding! We recently caught up with Kimberley to find out what inspired her and Shaun to give the gift of trees at their wedding. 

Greenfleet: Instead of traditional wedding favours, you and (your now husband) Shaun decided to make a donation to Greenfleet to plant one tree on behalf of every guest who attended your wedding (106 trees in total!). How did you come up with this idea?


We had been doing research on wedding favour ideas, as we didn't want to hand out a gift that was used once and left behind or disposed of. We came across the idea of a donation in lieu of a wedding favour and absolutely loved it. We wanted to find a charity that we were passionate about, but one that would hopefully have a nice meaning for our guests as well. That is when we came across the idea of donating a tree for each guest and we were sold instantly. I think our generation is definitely aiming to bring positive environmental change and this was our way of sharing a positive message with our guests.

How did your guests react to this non-traditional wedding favour?

Our guests really loved the idea. I had discussed it with a few of my close family and friends beforehand and they were all really supportive. I think most people were of the opinion that wedding favours are quite often a one-use item and are often a bit wasteful, so they liked the idea of a donation that has a lasting value.

Wedding favour with thank you card, with message from the couple saying they are donating to plant one tree for every guest.


Why was it important to you and Shaun to use your wedding as an opportunity to make a positive environmental impact?

I think we are at an age where we are really starting to consider our environmental impact and owning our own home has shown us that the choices households make have such a big impact on the environment. I am from rural Australia, so I was brought up to value the environment and look after it. We both also love fruit trees and our veggie patch and want to one day have a bigger property with a fruit orchard and chickens, so this was our way of sharing a part of that idea, I suppose. It really meant a lot for us to include themes in the wedding that we valued and this was another side of us that we wanted to include.

Were there any other eco or ‘green’ elements to your wedding?

We had a fairly minimal wedding as we didn’t want to go over the top with décor, as that’s not us. I think it can be so easy to get lost in all the superficial elements of a wedding. We found it really important to check back in to what the day meant to us, and whether adding extra things would add value to the wedding for us. We made a point of using recycled beer bottles for vases on the tables, which showed a second-use for items like that, instead of purchasing an abundance of vases. It also meant that we could encourage guests to take a vase of flowers home with them at the end of the night. We also used an old vintage suitcase to collect cards at the reception, so there ended up being a lot of elements that we were able to upcycle or recycle.

Do you have any tips for those wishing to organise an environmentally-conscious wedding?

My number one tip - don't get lost in the superficial details and stick to what is important to you and your partner. Talk to your venue and your suppliers about ways to minimise your environmental impact. It was our florist that recommended using jars or bottles for our flowers. This also helped us to keep our costs down for the wedding. I also enjoyed researching ideas from Pinterest that were unique and environmentally friendly, and seeing if it was something we could put into practice. Make decisions about your wedding that make you happy and support your ideals.

Thanks for taking the time to chat to us Kimberley, and thanks to you and Shaun for being amazing advocates for our environment! And of course, congratulations on your wedding!

If you or a loved one are planning a wedding, and would like to find out how you can make it more environmentally friendly, please give our team a call on 1800 032 999 (free call).