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Gift of Climate Hope

Gift of Climate Hope

As another year ends, we edge closer to a future that will be drastically impacted by global warming. It is now more urgent than ever to act on climate change.
At Greenfleet, we grow hope by connecting people with real climate action. And as David Orr, professor of environmental studies at Oberlin College, once perfectly said “Hope is a verb with its sleeves rolled up”

This Christmas, we encourage you to roll up your sleeves with Greenfleet and give the gift of climate hope

Many of us feel overwhelmed by the fast pace of the festive season, and the pressure to find perfect gifts for our loved ones is partially to blame. But maybe it’s time we re-think the way we give this Christmas? 

More often than not material gifts create unwanted clutter in the recipient’s lives. As a matter of fact, did you know that 53% of people report receiving unwanted gifts for Christmas? Some reports indicate that up to 18% of Christmas gifts go unused. These are staggering figures! Can you imagine the environmental impacts of the thousands of gift decisions made this year? Let alone the economical and social burdens that they equate too. 

What if we changed the story and decided to make a difference? What if we shifted our focus to purpose and hope this festive season? 

Give a gift with purpose, give a Greenfleet gift to your loved ones this Christmas. 

By donating on behalf of a friend, family member or colleague, you’re giving the gift of climate hope. In doing so, you are supporting our native reforestation work around Australia - a critical tool for fighting global warming. 

A donation of just $45 can help us plant 10 native trees, which will absorb carbon, provide habitat for native wildlife, and protect our climate for decades to come. Replace clutter with purpose, and stress with hope, by giving the gift of climate hope this Christmas. 

To give a Greenfleet gift, simply head to our Christmas page, select the amount you would like to donate, and fill in the details of the recipient. We will then send a personalised gift certificate to you or your loved one, and you can feel good knowing that your gift will continue to make an impact long after the holiday season. Together, let’s grow our forests and climate hope.