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Where purple meets green - how Smartgroup is taking climate action

Where purple meets green - how Smartgroup is taking climate action

How can big businesses – with all their staff, customers and processes – contribute to real climate action? The answer might be simpler than you think.   

For Smartgroup, one of Greenfleet’s longest-term supporters, it’s about embedding a commitment to the environment in their day-to-day business practice.  

“One of the core services we offer to our clients is novated car leasing,” says Dave Adler, Chief Executive, Leasing & Fleet at Smartgroup.   

“Every customer that leases with us is given the option to offset their emissions with Greenfleet through our Purple Meets Green program. I’d say over 60% of our clients make the commitment to offset their new car’s emissions,” he says.  

For customers who do choose to offset, they are given the option to pre-tax contributions from their pay that cover the emissions produced by their car. It’s an effective, seamless way for Smartgroup to simplify the process of offsetting that naturally fits in to their sales process, to great environmental benefit.   

Together with their customers, Smartgroup has directly contributed to planting more than 2 million native trees. That means that they have offset more than 500,000 tonnes of carbon emissions with Greenfleet – a huge contribution that has had an undoubtedly positive impact on the environment.   

For Smartgroup, selecting Greenfleet to be their provider of choice has proven to be the right decision.  

“Back in 2008 when we approached Greenfleet to talk about carbon offsetting, they were the only government approved provider of offsets in Australia,” says Dave.  

“That meant that we could really trust that the money we were collecting from our customers was being put to good use – and in the ten years since, I know that has been the case.  

“At every step along the way, I haven’t had any fear that the money we donate is going anywhere other than towards the environment. The team are excellent and responsive, and you can even see it for yourself when you go along to one of their planting days, and literally lend a hand to help plant trees,” he says.  

For bigger organisations like Smartgroup, it’s important for staff to understand and get involved in climate action whenever possible. Every staff member gets a day or two (if you have been employed by the company for more than 5 years) to commit to volunteering every year – many of which choose to spend theirs at a planting day with Greenfleet.    

Smartgroup employees planting trees with Greenfleet in 2014. Revegetating dunes behind Wanda Beach in Cronulla.

More recently, the Smartgroup team have started to get involved with some of Greenfleet’s special projects too.  

“I went along to the Low Glow Future Thinking Workshop in November this year – it was really great to hear from such well-informed experts, both locally and from around Australia, about how we can help the local turtle population up there in Bundaberg,” says Dave.   

“Because even though it may seem like a local problem – it really is a global challenge that Greenfleet is working to resolve.  

“An added bonus was seeing the green curtain planted to protect turtle hatchlings from the light. The contributions made by our customers through Smartsalary helped fund the trees they used to plant that forest – it was great to see such a cool concept in the flesh,” he says.  

Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Businesses have a key role in making sure their practices are friendly to the environment – and carbon offsetting is a great way to achieve that. Organisations can use our online tool to offset things like vehicle fleets or flights, or contact our Partnerships Manager for a more tailored offsetting solution.