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Greenfleet’s 2018 Impact Report

Greenfleet’s 2018 Impact Report

We are thrilled to share with you Greenfleet’s 2018 Impact Report. We’re so excited for you to read the stories, achievements and impact we were able to make last year.

In 2018 alone, Greenfleet planted 71,807 native, biodiverse trees in Australia and New Zealand. Over their lifetime, these trees will sequester 73,659 tonnes of carbon. 

Our efforts in 2018 mean that Greenfleet has now planted more than 9.2 million trees across 8,524 hectares. This equates to more than 500 forests being created and more than 3.22 million tonnes of carbon offset.

Looking back on what we accomplished last year, it's hard to not feel proud. For us, this is more than a report. It's a reflection of the work we can undertake with your continued and generous support. 

Below you can hear from our CEO, Wayne Wescott, for his take on our year and read the report to see first hand some of the incredible work we completed. Click here to read Greenfleet’s 2018 Impact Report (PDF 3.9MB).


A picture of Greenfleet's 2018 Impact Report.

A word from our CEO

I am delighted to introduce Greenfleet’s 2018 Impact Report.

Greenfleet had an exciting year in 2018 and we have developed this new Impact Report to share these stories with you, as you have played a key role in our success.

With the help of our business and individual supporters, Greenfleet has made a significant impact on Australia’s landscape, environment and climate over the last 12 months.

Despite the challenges of drought and a changing climate, we succeeded in planting 71,807 trees. These trees will grow into biodiverse native forests which will capture 73,659 tonnes of carbon emissions over their lifetime to help fight the impacts of climate change.

During 2018, we continued to monitor and manage our growing forests through their establishment phase. We could not undertake this work without our landowners and project partners who have enabled the protection of forests on their land.

While restoring Australia’s forests remains our core focus, we have also taken a leading role in the Low Glow project which has focused on protecting endangered sea turtles from artificial light pollution. On World Environment Day, we joined forces with the Kowanayama Aboriginal Shire Council, Telstra employees and the local community to plant 1,000 trees in Cape York.

The release of the UN’s IPCC report in October 2018 was particularly noteworthy for raising global awareness about our changing climate. Reforestation is now widely recognised as a key tool for combatting climate change and Greenfleet is looking forward to extending our practical work on the ground throughout 2019. 

Join us in continuing to grow our forests and grow climate hope. 

Wayne Wescott

CEO Greenfleet