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Q&A with Sandy Abram, Co-founder at Wholesome Hub

Q&A with Sandy Abram, Co-founder at Wholesome Hub

We recently caught up with, Sandy co-founder of Wholesome Hub, one of our business supporters. We wanted to learn how environmentally and socially conscious companies such as hers are encouraging staff and customers to take up their environmental responsibility, offset their carbon emissions and take action against climate change.

Firstly, please tell us about Wholesome Hub.

Wholesome Hub is a purpose-driven business that helps passionate, environmentally conscious people lead healthier and more sustainable lifestyles by realising that they have the power, data and tools to make change happen.

Wholesome Hub makes it easier for people to choose organic, ethical and environmentally friendly goods. We help people reduce their plastic waste and help ease plastic pollution, find palm oil free products and reduce the nasty chemicals found in their food, beauty and cleaning products. By doing so, we make it easier for people to live a more toxin-free and zero-waste lifestyle whilst protecting our planet and future.

What environmental goals would you like to achieve?

The science has never been clearer - human activity is putting our planet under threat. And the time to act has never been more urgent, we need to act now.

From plastic pollution, air and water pollution, climate change, deforestation, to loss of species and biodiversity, at Wholesome Hub we’re working hard to tackle each of these areas.

Organic products and farming look to help the insects and pollinators in every ecosystem. These populations are currently being adversely affected with bee numbers down in most parts of the world. Organic farming also helps to promote soil fertility, clean waterways and helps to improve biodiversity.

We are currently de-listing all products that have palm oil as an ingredient in them, and even if it’s from a sustainable source, by the next few months Wholesome Hub will be palm oil free. We hope this helps draw attention to the problems around deforestation and let people know that there are wonderful palm oil free alternatives and options available.

We have several campaigns and products aimed at helping people reduce plastic waste, switch to eco-friendly options and try to live a zero waste and plastic free life. For example, we’re saying no more to liquid soaps and body washes and bringing back the humble soap bar. We pack and ship all our orders 100% plastic free.

We want people to recognise that everything we do and buy has an impact on our interconnected planet. Our goal is to act as a catalyst for change, working towards environmental conservation and protection, fighting climate change and educating our community along the way.

What’s your favourite thing about the Australian environment?

Our Australian environment is just so beautiful in its constant change and diversity. My family visits Apollo Bay in Victoria every summer where there is always something exciting to explore, from beautiful beaches and mountains to national forests along the Great Ocean Road. A simple walking track can provide hours of sheer pleasure and adventure as you immerse yourself in nature’s beauty and explore the sounds, sights and smells our wonderful land has to offer.

Sandy from Wholesome Hub

When customers purchase from the Wholesome Hub website, Wholesome Hub will offset the delivery of their purchase. Why did you choose Greenfleet help you achieve this?

We have been partnering with Greenfleet for over 10 years, so when it comes to protecting our environment and tackling climate change, they are a partner we trust, respect and value.

It was important for us to partner with an organisation that was working locally and helping to protect and enhance Australia's unique flora and fauna. Finally, knowing that the trees we’re helping to plant through our offsetting of shipping generated carbon emissions, will be protected for the next 100 years is heart-warming. Long after we’re gone, the value of what we do today will still be enjoyed by future generations.

Wholesome Hub is giving their customers an opportunity to invest in restore native forests and address the impacts of climate change. Why do you think the environment is so important to your customers?

I believe that there is a growing wave of people in our community who are extremely concerned about our environment, the planet and the future we are creating for our children and future generations.

We cannot sustain life without a healthy planet. I think people are awakening to this realisation and the fact that things are changing rapidly. People are also realising that we can’t sit back and wait for politicians and leaders to act. It’s up to each of us of us to create change – to be the leaders, the inspiration and the change makers in our personal and professional lives.

We're grateful to Wholesome Hub for their ongoing support. You can learn more about Wholesome Hub on their website: