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You can still help protect our climate this tax time!

You can still help protect our climate this tax time!

We're in the final weeks and we still need your help! 

Greenfleet has been taking practical action on climate change for over 20 years with your support. Taking climate action is critical and the power of a like-minded community is invaluable.

This year we’ve already seen major news stories from Australia and around the world on the devastating impact climate change is having on our planet.

From extreme temperatures affecting crops and oceans to the extinction of animal species, the effects of climate change are increasingly impacting our environment and communities. We must act now to grow climate hope.

This tax time, we’re asking you to act now to help us give our climate and environment a fighting chance. And your support has already helped so much!

Just $45 can help us plant 10 trees in a biodiverse native forest or $205 can help us plant 50 native trees to lay the grounds for climate hope. That’s all it takes to help us reach our goal of planting 200,000 trees across Australia.

By donating to Greenfleet or offsetting your carbon emissions during our June 30 Appeal, you are ensuring practical action is taken now to address the impacts of climate change and restore our forests.

Donate now to restore our forests and fight climate change. Greenfleet relies entirely on donations to enable our native reforestation projects. Together, we can grow this impact.


This year’s planting season is already well underway, including:

  • A major forest regeneration and climate impact research project with Bush Heritage Australia, addressing threatened woodlands and Eucalypt species at Nardoo Hills Reserve, Victoria. Read more.

  • Restoring biodiverse forests on sheep grazing land.

  • Revegetation to connect with a World-heritage listed wilderness area in northern NSW and endangered coastal banksia woodland in Victoria.

  • Planting endemic native species in our national parks at Plenty Gorge and Lake Connewarre, in partnership with Parks Victoria.


In 2019, our reforestation projects have been selected to:

  • Reduce climate damage through increased carbon capture.

  • Transform grazing land through biodiverse native revegetation. 

  • Restore threatened woodlands and Eucalypt species.

  • Extend existing forests and canopy cover.

  • Build crucial habitat for native wildlife, including koalas, Brushtail Phascogales and the Mallee Fowl.

We appreciate your support and hope we can count on you in the final weeks of our June 30 Appeal for a direct donation. Just a reminder that all donations over $2 are tax deductible in Australia.   

Together, let’s grow our forests and climate hope. Donate now at