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5 Minutes with Greta – Greenfleet’s new Corporate Engagement Coordinator

5 Minutes with Greta – Greenfleet’s new Corporate Engagement Coordinator


We’re excited to welcome a new member to the team: meet Greta - Greenfleet's Corporate Engagement Coordinator!

Get to know Greta a bit more through this short interview we conducted after two weeks in her new role.

Question - Hi Greta, tell us more about your professional background...

Greta - I’ve been working in the sustainability sector for a number of years now, but have always been interested in finding ways on how to improve the status quo by doing things smarter and with more efficiency. I can possibly blame my German background for this, but it’s also always been an interest of mine to take care of the environment and avoid being wasteful.

Q - Why did you choose to work in the sustainability space?

G - It’s crucial for me to work in a field that I can identify with and that ‘makes sense’ to me. There is a great purpose behind the work we do in the sustainability sector and whilst there are many great experts, there’s still room for improvement when it comes to awareness and taking up responsibilities.

Q - What do you wish other people knew about Greenfleet?

G - I would like to tell everyone that Greenfleet restores ecosystems, which means so much more than planting trees. In some of our 400 forests we have found threatened species, new species and have been able to create so called corridors that allow the wildlife to travel from one area to another, which is important. Also I love that we have planted forests in the Kinglake National Park helping with the bushfire recovery.

Q - What do you do when you aren't working?

G - When the weather is nice, I either run, ride or walk around Hobsons Bay and enjoy the beautiful beaches; also I love going to the markets on the weekend. If the weather is too cold and rainy, I like to play music, cook and paint.

Q - Anything else you would like to share with us today?

G - I look forward to being in touch with our corporate supporters and to work with them to reach their individual sustainability goals.

Want to discuss your organisation's carbon offsets or just say 'hi'? Give Greta a call on (03) 9642 0570.