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Connections to carbon offsetting

Connections to carbon offsetting

Connections UnitingCare are the proud recipient of the Greenfleet Huon Award in recognition of their long term support since 2009While climate change is a global phenomenon, its negative impacts aren’t squarely shared. In fact, environmental degradation has a disproportionate impact on the most disadvantaged people in our community.

Connections UnitingCare understands this better than most, and uses carbon offsetting as a way to reinforce its commitment to social justice.

In January, Greenfleet proudly presented Connections with the Greenfleet Huon Award in recognition of its commitment to carbon offsetting with us since 2009.

“To support the people with whom we work, we need to drive cars,” says Connections’ CEO, Angela Forbes. “We wanted to offset our emissions with a company with an environmental philosophy that matches ours. Greenfleet was a natural choice.

“People living at the margins of society are more vulnerable to climate change, but we believe that environmental sustainability and climate change are everyone’s responsibility. We try to reinforce that at Connections – and carbon offsetting is just one way we do that. The response to our commitment has been positive, particularly from our staff and our board.

“Our staff have embraced our environmental ethos. We have an active Environment Committee, and members of this committee have taken part in Greenfleet tree planting days. This has given us the opportunity to gain a first-hand appreciation of what Greenfleet does,” Ms Forbes explains.

A growing body of research confirms that the impact of climate change is felt more keenly by people who are disadvantaged because they have less choice in deciding where they live – which is often disproportionately concentrated in areas of high risk of floods or bushfires. They have less economic resources to assist in preparing and managing for extreme weather, and they have less of a voice in the debate. Connections, through its day-to-day support and environmental leadership, helps people find their voice.

“It’s only through the contributions of our amazing supporters, like Connections, that we are able to restore native ecosystems and tackle climate change,” says Greenfleet’s CEO, Wayne Wescott. “Connections’ commitment makes a big difference to our work – and to the environment.”