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Go beyond the hour on March 28!

Go beyond the hour on March 28!


Greenfleet Infographic_This year, go beyond the hour: turn it off for one hour and offset it for a year!Every year, millions of people across the globe join the movement and switch off their lights for Earth Hour to raise awareness about climate change. As an environmental organisation focused on protecting our climate, Greenfleet is very proud to support Earth Hour and to help make change a reality.

For the 8th edition of Earth Hour on March 28, we want to inspire the community to go beyond the hour, to take real action against climate change and make a more serious impact - we've called this campaign "Turn it off for 1 hour... Offset it for a year!".

This year, for Earth Hour, demonstrate your commitment to fight climate change for a sustainable future by offsetting the emissions associated with your annual electricity usage.

We've made it very easy for you by calculating the average emissions associated with electricity usage for Australian households. All you have to do is pick the size of your household and donate* here:

For example, an average 2-people household in Australia uses 5,336 kWh annually1. This releases just over 5.5 tonnes of CO2-e in the atmosphere. For a small donation of $78 to Greenfleet, we will plant enough trees to absorb these emissions on behalf of this household. 

Why offset your electricity usage?

All the electricity consumed around your house releases greenhouse gas emissions. 

The reality is that unless we buy 100% green power or produce your own electricity with solar panels, most of the electricity we use everyday is generated by burning coal in power stations. When burnt, the fossil fuel releases carbon in the atmosphere. Actually, the electricity sector accounts for about one-third of Australia's total emissions2.

How to take real climate action?

A few simple actions can help reduce your electricity consumption and lighten your carbon footprint. Check out our tips section.

For the rest, Greenfleet offers an easy and tangible way to take real action against climate change by planting native forests to capture carbon emissions. Simply make a donation* to Greenfleet to offset your emissions and we'll plant sustainable forests on your behalf.



*And as an added bonus, donations of $2 or more to Greenfleet are tax-deductible!

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