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Best foot forward

Best foot forward

Photo of Paul Parkinson, owner of McCloud ShoesThe idea of stewardship for future generations is one that comes naturally to many family-owned businesses. When a business is focused on the long-term game, not the short-term gain, sustainable practices make sense.

Take Melbourne-based McCloud Shoes. Three generations of Parkinsons have guided the business since 1949, and today the brand is synonymous with high-quality men’s footwear.

The McCloud team is proud to have offset their emissions with Greenfleet since 2002, and have supported a range of other organisations building a better future for Australians, from bushfire recovery to animal welfare.

We believe being a family business makes us more committed to socially responsible and ethical practices,” says owner, Paul Parkinson.

As traditional businesses pass down through the generations, so should the skills and ethics. We have third generation customers who appreciate our product quality, personal service and family approach. They also appreciate our time-honoured values – which include being careful with resources and looking after the environment,” Paul explains.

Paul says this ethical approach to business has many benefits – and is particularly important when attracting new customers.

We find that the younger generation wants to deal with companies with strong ethics, and that our efforts to be environmentally-responsible have helped us attract the best staff and great new customers,” Paul says.

The way we see it, we almost have a duty of care to represent good ethical values – our customers look to us to set a good example. This is why we offset with Greenfleet.