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Partnering with bankmecu to offer something extra for land renters

Partnering with bankmecu to offer something extra for land renters

Photo of one of Greenfleet's native forest

As one of only three financers for ACT land rent constructions, bankmecu has differentiated itself by providing customers Greenfleet’s carbon offsets on its land rent loans.

The offsets, standardised to a six-month carbon dioxide offset for a two person household, aims to help bankmecu customers reduce their impact on the environment while taking advantage of the ACT Government’s Land Rent Scheme.

Greenfleet’s CEO, Wayne Wescott applauded bankmecu on its mission to help customers take real climate action, saying “bankmecu is leading its industry in terms of carbon offsetting programs.”

“Greenfleet has enjoyed a long relationship with bankmecu and we are proud to be working together to help bankmecu customers take responsibility for their carbon emissions – and to improve biodiversity, address land degradation and grow our nation’s ‘green’ infrastructure,” said Wayne.

bankmecu Head of Sales and Service Mike Jeffries believes the offer is something unique to the bank. “Being a responsible bank is about demonstrating that finance and environmental sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive,” said Mr Jeffries.

“We already provide biodiversity offsets for new home constructions we finance, and now we’re also giving people the option to be even more environmentally conscious by providing carbon offsets at no cost to them.

“It’s a win-win situation for everyone,” said Mr Jeffries.

The Land Rent Scheme enables homebuyers to secure property with low upfront costs while renting the land from the ACT Government instead of purchasing upfront. Learn more on the bankmecu website.