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From little things, big things grow

From little things, big things grow

In her youth, Lauren Poulton worked with the Scouts to plant Greenfleet forests.

Today, she’s an environmental sustainability officer with Austin Health, and has continued her enduring relationship with Greenfleet by offsetting her personal emissions.

Through the Montmorency Venturer Scouts, I learnt a lot about making a contribution to the community and to the environment – and I got to see first-hand the great work that Greenfleet does,” Lauren says.

I decided to offset my personal emissions from my car, because being a mother with two small children, driving is often unavoidable. Offsetting those unavoidable emissions makes me feel that I’m making a positive contribution,” she says.

With a degree in environmental science, and a long-term passion for the outdoors, Lauren helps drive Austin Health’s impressive sustainability agenda.

In 2014, Greenfleet and Austin Health teamed up to launch a workplace giving program, which enables staff to make regular donations from their pre-tax salary to plant more native forests and offset their emissions. The program, which has recently reached the milestone of 1,000 native trees, complements Austin Health’s sustainability strategy and helps employees take practical action on climate change. Austin Health also offsets its hospital fleet with Greenfleet.

Reducing the amount of greenhouse gas that we emit is the first step towards tackling climate change. But sometimes we can’t afford not to consume energy – which is where offsetting comes in,” Lauren explains.

While Lauren’s personal philosophy has evolved into a profession, she hasn’t forgotten the lessons she learnt from Scouts. “I encourage my kids to be environmentally responsible, and each year we do simple things like plant trees in our backyard on National Tree Day.”

She can’t always get her hands dirty like she did in Scouts, but Lauren understands that a small amount each year to offset her emissions can make a difference. And from little things, big things grow.