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Restoration and healing at Minjelha Dhagun

Restoration and healing at Minjelha Dhagun

Minjelha Dhagun in Mt Barney Queensland has literally been transformed since Greenfleet first came across this property in Before and after photo of Minjelha Dhagun in Mt Barney Queensland2003. Originally used for cattle grazing, this site was plagued with issues relating to the clearing of the site and overgrazing which resulted in soil problems.

The current landholder of Minjelha Dhagun saw the long term benefits which Greenfleet’s native reforestation program could have on the damaged land. Some of the many restoration benefits included: developing habitat for native fauna in the area, promoting environmental restoration works in the local region and increasing bio-diversity. All this, whilst preserving the indigenous cultural values of the local area.

Fast track twelve years later, Minjelha Dhagun is a thriving, biodiverse native forest! Native trees and plants are growing strong and native animals from neighboring Mt Barney National Park have been revisiting the area and calling it their new home.

Thanks to the donations and generosity of Greenfleet supporters, Minjelha Dhagun is now a flourishing native forest, which is being restored back to its natural state.