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Planting for the common good

Planting for the common good

Wayne Wescott, Chief Executive Officer at Greenfleet has contributed to the August edition of Australasian Leisure Magazine. Wescott discusses the issue of carbon rights on public land in Australia why this is a truly innovative approach to carbon offsetting.

Wescott states, ''Governments are tightening their belts, national parks and protected lands are having to stretch their dollars further than ever before. The business model that funds our protected land is broken. There are currently billions of dollars available in carbon markets – and this can provide the funds required to revegetate large tracts of land in national parks and even help establish new national parks.

''Gaining carbon rights on private land is a fairly straightforward process – we simply put it on title.  Public land poses a much greater challenge, because it generally has multiple land use approaches.''

Wescott concludes, ''We are currently working with a number of governments to ensure that governments can assign the carbon rights of crown land to a third party.  This is a truly innovative approach to carbon offsetting – but once agreement has been reached, we will have a mechanism to bring private money to fund the public good.''

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