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Bank builds a greener future

Bank builds a greener future

Testimonial from Benigo Bank about their carbon offsets with GreenfleetBendigo & Adelaide Bank understands the difference between green and greenwash.

An innovator in sustainability for many years, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank operated from a Green Star-rated building long before Australia’s corporate landscape turned green.

It’s one of just two banks in Australia with a specialised green loan that rewards customers for environmentally-friendly purchases.

And it has offset its emissions with Greenfleet for a number of years.

“We’ve been a leader in sustainability for many years, because we understand that investing in sustainability is good for our customers, good for the community and good for the environment,” says Joshua Pell, who leads the bank’s environment and sustainability agenda.

The bank’s ‘Generation Green’ program provides practical, straight-forward solutions, from green home loans that reward investment in energy efficiency, to ‘Switch to Save’, which helps local home owners and businesses replace energy-thirsty halogen down lights with energy efficient LED down lights.

Bendigo & Adelaide Bank recognises that business-related travel costs are unavoidable – but are costly to the environment.  The bank offsets emissions from business travel – from flights and personal car use, to taxis and even hotel rooms.  In the last financial year, the bank offset 3,799 tonnes of carbon emissions by planting native trees around Australia.

We’re creating efficiencies within our organisation to reduce our travel – such as embracing video conferencing – but we also to offset the emissions that are impossible to avoid. We recognise that business-as-usual needs to occur, which is why offset,” Joshua adds.

In 2011, the bank’s executive group signed a statement of commitment to the environment and promised to make positive contributions to the communities in which it operates.  An environment working group drives an ambitious sustainability agenda.

We understand that a sustainable organisation is there for the long haul – and so we’ve focused on creating a culture within our business and a presence within our community that looks at the big picture,” Joshua says.

Partnering with Greenfleet to offset our emissions reinforces our company values and helps our staff – and importantly our customers – see that we are committed to making a difference.”

Whether that’s offsetting its own emissions or helping small businesses embrace sustainability, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank is working with communities to build a brighter economic and environmental future.

Our customers and the community know that our commitment to greening our organisation is genuine, because we deliver on our promises,” Josh concludes.