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Killawarra forest, 17 years in the making

Killawarra forest, 17 years in the making

Our forestry team recently undertook a site inspection at Greenfleet’s forest at Killawara (one of Greenfleet’s first ever planting sites) and we are so pleased to share these progress pics with you - talk about a success story!

This site is located at the northern end of the Killawarra Forest which is situated near the Warby Ranges in the Wangaratta district of Northern Vic.

Greenfleet first planted around 66,000 native trees back in 1998 and revegetation was undertaken to infill cleared areas of the public reserve and increase habitat values.

This site is in excellent condition and the pictures allow you to appreciate just how far this site has come in 17 years. The Red-Iron bark trees are very tall in height and the survival rate has been excellent. Biodiversity levels are also high, with natural recruitment assisting the strata of the forest.