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Montgomery Homes shows why it’s easy to be green

Montgomery Homes shows why it’s easy to be green

Most people understand that their home generates carbon emissions every day as they turn on the lights, heating or air-conditioning.

But few people stop to consider the energy consumed during their home’s construction.

In an Australian-first, Montgomery Homes decided to tackle this problem head on, and teamed up with Greenfleet to show homeowners how easy it is to off-sett carbon emissions.

When a homebuyer signs a contract with Montgomery Homes, they agree to split the cost of one year’s carbon offsetting.

For just $200, Greenfleet plants 50 native trees for each homeowner – with Montgomery Homes and its customers planting a whopping 13,287 trees since committing to the scheme in 2008.

Dean Allison, Montgomery Homes’ Sales and Marketing Manager, was the innovator behind the partnership.

I’ve always had ‘plant 100,000 trees’ on my personal bucket list, and I convinced the boss that this was a positive action to take for the environment,” he says.

A family-owned business that builds homes for people in Sydney, Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and along the Central Coast, Montgomery has an enduring commitment to sustainability. An HIA Greensmart Professional, the company designs and constructs homes that are energy, water and resource efficient.

We think carefully about the materials we select, we recycle everything we can, and we design homes with sustainability in mind. Home owners benefit with lower energy and water bills, a warmer house in winter and a cooler house in summer – and a healthier home to live in all year round,” Dean says.

So what do Montgomery Homes’ customers think of carbon offsetting with Greenfleet?

Most customers think it’s a great idea,” Dean says. “They see it along the same lines as offsetting an airline flight – and understand that a small amount of money can make a big difference to the environment.”

As for Dean, he’s inching ever closer to crossing one item off his bucket list.