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Snap Preston lead the way on climate action

Snap Preston lead the way on climate action

Snap Preston understands the importance of minimising the impact their business activity has on the environment. That’s why they have offset their carbon emissions with Greenfleet for nearly fifteen years.

Every year, Snap Preston offset the carbon emissions from its car fleet by planting native forests around Australia. To date, their commitment has helped plant over 465 native trees in forests like ‘Laceys,’ a tree planting project in Tooleybuc, NSW, which saw nearly 63 ha revegetated with a mix of over 61,000 native trees.

Snap Preston’s support of Greenfleet is just one of the many initiatives that they have integrated into their normal business practice. Environmental sustainability is a significant issue for the printing industry. ‘’Our aim is simply to minimise the impact of our business activity on the environment in any way we can, ‘’ said Candi Browne, Marketing Manager at Snap Preston.

‘’Being part of Greenfleet we can “see” our contributions at work - tangibly. It is not only the fact we are helping to reduce the impact of emissions but trees have an enormous positive impact on our environment aesthetically as well.’’ explained Candi.

Snap Preston aims to be environmentally friendly in their operations whenever possible. They use equipment which has power saving modes, use recycled stock for their stationary, investigate the power consumption ratings of all new equipment and local deliveries are made by walking using the aid of a trolley.

’Our clients can also choose from a range of recycled stocks and we also use vegetable inks in the print process….all things we do without even thinking about it! We do a lot of little things which all add up – we try to turn on the large laminator once a day as it takes an enormous amount of energy to heat up and then keep on and wastes a good half a metre of laminating film in its start-up process. Our attitude is that every little bit helps.’’ concludes Candi.

At Greenfleet, we are able to restore native ecosystems and tackle climate change thanks to the contributions of our amazing supporters, just like Snap Preston.’’ said Wayne Wescott, CEO of Greenfleet.

Year after year, individuals and organisations help Greenfleet plant more native forests to offset their carbon emissions and it’s their continuous support which makes a huge difference to the environment,” added Wayne.