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Gardeners minimise their carbon footprints

Gardeners minimise their carbon footprints

Page in the Diggers Club catalogueThe Diggers Club, which boasts more than 70,000 members around Australia, has teamed up with Greenfleet to help customers offset the emissions generated from deliveries.

 “One of the simplest ways to tackle climate change is to grow foods in our own backyards,” says The Diggers Club’s Manager, Caroline Trevorrow.

Fruits and vegetables purchased in the supermarket may have travelled for thousands of kilometers, been treated with pesticides and presented in wasteful packaging. By growing our own food, we can avoid the emissions produced by commercial food processing.

We’ve offset the emissions from our own fleet cars since 2007, planting more than 1,600 trees as a result.

But now we want to work with our customers to do more – and helping them offset their own emissions is the next natural step.”

For just 50 cents, members of The Diggers Club can offset the average overall emissions generated during the delivery of each order.

So far, more than 1,500 Diggers Club members have taken up the opportunity – a result that has exceeded expectations.

The Diggers Club’s commitment demonstrates how each of us can take simple but powerful steps to address climate change,” says Greenfleet’s Chief Executive Officer, Wayne Wescott.

The funds raised by members offsetting their emissions will go to plant trees around Australia – reducing our carbon footprint, enriching biodiversity and building essential green infrastructure,” Mr Wescott concludes.