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Greenfleet to restore Great Ocean Road Biodiversity

Greenfleet to restore Great Ocean Road Biodiversity

Europcar Australia are long standing Greenfleet supporters, launching their first carbon reduction program with Greenfleet in December 2006 in recognition of the importance in offsetting carbon emissions from driving. Since then Europcar have donated almost $500,000 to Greenfleet and planted over 150,000 trees.

Through a new joint initiative, Greenfleet and Europcar aim to restore more than 100 hectares of native bush along Australia’s Great Ocean Road.

Through this partnership, Greenfleet hopes to secure $80,000 over two years to fund the planting of 20,000 trees on land near the Conservation Ecology Centre site at Cape Otway, as well as a series of private and public land sites in the area.

The plans aim to increase the biodiversity of the region and improve habitat and wildlife corridors for local koalas and other native animals.

To raise the money for the Greenfleet project, Europcar is seeking donations from both customers and non-customers to funnel directly to the project.

Europcar Australia and New Zealand’s Managing Director Ron Santiago said the business had a long-term relationship with Greenfleet and recognised the need to conserve the popular coastal route.

The Great Ocean Road is a historic memorial to those who died while fighting in World War I. Built by returning servicemen, it was an extensive engineering feat that ended decades of isolation for the region,” he said.

In this centennial year of World War I, Europcar is proud to be partnering with Greenfleet to encourage people from around the world to make a difference to this landmark road through this restoration initiative.”

Greenfleet manager of corporate partnerships Justin Glass urged people globally to take greater ownership over the coastline region and make a difference to its future.

One of the main objectives of the project is to create much needed landscape connectivity and enhance the conservation values in this area. As the trees at each location grow, the native forest areas will enhance and beautify the region, reduce carbon emissions and provide habitat to the koala population,” he said.

It also adds to the experience of all Europcar customers, business partners and the broader community, through being part of a natural legacy along the Great Ocean Road.

We’re asking people across the globe to dig deep and make their mark on this iconic, beautiful and historically significant region.

Greenfleet will be planting a variety of species including Australia's glorious mountain ash trees, which are the highest carbon yielding and the second tallest growing tree species in the world, and can reach up to almost 100 metres,” he said.

To date, Greenfleet has planted more than 8.6 million native trees in more than 400 biodiverse forests around Australia, however this project is the first time donations have been channelled to a specific landmark project.