Greenfleet's supporters


We would like to acknowledge and thank the thousands of households, businesses and organisations who have committed to make a difference for the environment by offsetting their emissions. Over 370 organisations are currently taking practical climate action by contributing to Greenfleet through offsetting, direct donations, workplace giving, promotional offers or pro-bono services. 

Find below a list of our supporters, sorted according to their level of support:

  • Eucalypt supporters are the organisations who annually offset over 1,600 tonnes of CO2-e.
  • Wattle supporters are the organisations who annually offset between 700 and 1,600 tonnes of CO2-e.
  • Banksia supporters are the organisations who annually offset between 300 and 700 tonnes of CO2-e.
  • Grevillea supporters are the organisation who annually offset up to 300 tonnes of CO2-e. Whilst we could not list them all on our website, we still want to say a big THANK-YOU for their amazing support.

Organisation Name:


Supporter Level:


Supporting Greenfleet since:


Total offsets over time:

1,119 tonnes CO2-e.


XPower is an industry leader when it comes to supplying services to the Victorian Major Electrical Companies and other contractors across the Victorian Electrical Distribution Network (VEDN). This includes Civil Construction, Hydro Excavation and Cable Hauling. Our Integrated Management System incorporates detailed policies, procedures and work instructions to ensure we always find the safest and most efficient way to complete tasks set. XPower is an approved and accredited VEDN & CCF civil contractor accredited in Health & Safety, Environmental & Quality Management. XPower is committed to environmental sustainability and the protection of the environment. Our support with Greenfleet enables us to offset carbon emissions from our fleet of modern vehicles. XPower is able to provide professional services when it comes to Civil Construction. Our team is highly trained and qualified and is backed with many years' experience. All staff understand the importance of the environment and are required to consider the environmental impact when undertaking their daily work activities. We do not allow any contamination, pollution or waste activities to occur. All XPower vehicles carry the required essential equipment to ensure potentially damaging results are eliminated or controlled to an acceptable level. All our vehicles are regularly serviced and are maintained to the highest of standards. XPower's safety record is second to none. We strive to supply exceptional services to our customers and aim to always maintain a friendly, professional and safe work environment, Quality is our edge!!

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