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The success of Greenfleet’s 2016 Stakeholder Lunches

The success of Greenfleet’s 2016 Stakeholder Lunches


In our twentieth year of operations, we are very focused on continuing to expand our impact. Greenfleet connects climate action to biodiversity and provides a simple and practical way for companies and individuals to play their part.

We have a visionary approach to carbon offsetting with innovative and practical climate solutions. We are currently developing new approaches which will yield many benefits for the environment as well as the local and global community.

Our supporters are critical to this endeavor, and we want to acknowledge our thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies for their support, as well as hundreds of landholders for providing their land to us.

Over the course of the year, we had the pleasure to organise four Stakeholder Lunches, across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland. These lunches are an informal opportunities for Greenfleet to share information on our future direction and investments, climate change, biodiverse forests and carbon offsets. Our key supporters and stakeholders get to hear from and network with a selected number of key decision makers from Greenfleet’s top corporate supporters, as well as influential business people from the industry.

A great discussion around Blue Carbon was the topic of choice for the Sydney lunch with key supporters such as SeaLife Trust and University of NSW sharing wonderful news on various projects. In Brisbane, at our first stakeholder lunch locally, the conversation revolved around Queensland politics and planting opportunities around the Great Barrier Reef, while in Melbourne discussions also included reflections on climate politics in Australia and globally.

And of course we were very excited to host our first lunch in Auckland where the conversation was about the many opportunities for Greenfleet to work with NZ communities to implement practical climate action, especially in the Auckland region (and with an impending local election).

Our guests were gifted with sunshine and spectacular views for these events. We would like to thank Baker & McKenzie for hosting our lunch in Sydney overlooking the harbour, and Pitcher Partners for hosting the lunches in their beautiful offices in Melbourne and Brisbane.

“Voluntary-based organisations such as Greenfleet depend upon the universe of support that surrounds them”, said Wayne Wescott, CEO of Greenfleet. “Our stakeholder lunches not only allow us to talk informally to our network, but also do this in the wonderful environments of our corporate supporters”.

Because, after all, planting trees is what we do best, we will plant one tree for each attendee to offset part of the events’ emissions. Engaging with our community and working together to spread positive messages and share the beauty of our environment is a privilege.

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