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From concrete ditch to urban oasis

From concrete ditch to urban oasis

Work is well underway at Upper Stony Creek, where we are transforming a concrete drain into a natural, revegetated creek and green urban area.

As part of our “Greening the Cities” program, we are re-naturalising a ten-hectare site in Melbourne’s west. We are proud to be a pivotal partner in this project alongside Federal, State and local governments and agencies.

By the end of 2019, Upper Stony Creek will become a new corridor of urban greenery. Over one kilometre of the creek, currently concrete-lined, will be transformed into a mix of vibrant community space, wetlands and natural revegetation. It is a major urban reforestation project that will improve open space, as well as water and air quality.

Trees in our cities do much more than beautify our urban environment. From improving physical and mental health to restoring habitat for wildlife and tackling climate change, urban greening provides many benefits, which are well documented by researchers across the world.

“Greenfleet is delighted to be contributing to this key urban revegetation initiative. It’s now urgent that we take practical action to protect our climate and ensure a greener future for our cities,” Wayne Wescott, Greenfleet CEO said.

Greenfleet’s Revegetation Projects Officer Monique lives around the corner from the creek and is excited to welcome the new parkland in her neighbourhood.

“My whole family is looking forward to using the space. It will make walking the dog and exercising easier and more interesting. I’m also excited that our son will be able to play in a natural creek environment, something I enjoyed doing as a child,” Monique said.

Work has started and large-scale earth works are being undertaken to create a brand new wetland system. The wetlands will provide treated stormwater for irrigation and our tree planting program, as well as contributing to beautification of the space.

Greenfleet has been a driving force in this innovative project from the beginning, providing our expertise in nature-based climate solutions. We can’t wait to see this community open space come to life and become the perfect place for a walk with friends and family.

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