1. What is a carbon offset?

2. How can I offset my emissions with Greenfleet?

3. Where does Greenfleet plant the native forests?

4. Why does Greenfleet plant biodiverse forests?

5. What happens if there is a catastrophic event?

6. How does Greenfleet work out how much carbon each tree stores?

7. What standards does Greenfleet meet?

8. How much does it cost to offset with Greenfleet?

9. Is my contribution to Greenfleet tax-deductible?

10. Can I volunteer for Greenfleet?

11. Does Greenfleet work with fundraising agencies?

12. Does Greenfleet sell trees?
Follow the links below to find out more about Greenfleet, climate change and what we are doing to reduce its impact.

Climate Change

What is it? What are the likely impacts for Australia?




How do native forests capture carbon?


Sustainable Transport Guide

A guide to help drive better transport decisions to your business.





What is biodiversity? Why does Greenfleet focus on planting biodiverse native forests?



Useful Links

Relevant links to other organisations and publications about climate change and sustainability.