Help us plant more trees

Because Greenfleet is a registered environmental charity, you don't have to stop with your annual offset. The more money that gets donated to Greenfleet, the more work we can do to restore biodiverse native forests around Australia.  So go the extra mile and fundraise for Greenfleet today!

Are you taking part in a fun run? Do you want your friends and family to give you a gift that grows for your birthday?

Online fundraising is the easiest way to raise funds for Greenfleet. Greenfleet is registered with Everyday Hero - an online fundraising portal designed to make 'giving' secure, easy and fun.

Sometimes you will find there are a few legal issues we need to get through before you can start raising money. The good news is that with online fundraising, Everyday Hero takes care of all the paperwork for you, which makes it the easiest and most hassle-free way to receive donations.

So whether you want to be sponsored for a personal challenge, request donations in lieu of gifts for a special celebration or pay tribute to a loved one, follow these steps to create your own online fundraising page:
  1. Visit Greenfleet’s fundraising page.
  2. Click on ‘Start Here’ on the right to create an account and create your very own fundraising page. You can customise it with photos, messages and videos.
  3. Spread the word! Share the link to your fundraising page with your friends, family and colleagues and start collecting donations online.
  4. Thank you donors and supporters!
>> Click here to start fundraising today!
If you are planning a fundraising event or activity, there are a few legal issues we need to get through before you can start raising money.

All fundraising activities must be registered with Greenfleet in order to receive authority to raise funds. Simply download this fundraising kit to get started. The fundraising kit outlines your responsibility as a Fundraiser along with some tips on how to organise a successful fundraising event.

Before starting to organise the fundraising activity, the fundraiser is required to complete, sign and send us back the application form for Authority to Fundraise located in the kit. Once your fundraising activity has been approved Greenfleet will issue a letter of Authority to Fundraise and you will be able to organise the fundraising activity.

Remember, the fundraising activity must comply with Commonwealth, State and Territory legislation and local government regulations. Please check with the relevant authorities.

Note: The information above is intended for fundraising activities by community groups or individuals only. If you are a business wishing to conduct a fundraising activity for Greenfleet, please download our Corporate Fundraising & Promotional Guide, fill in the form and email it back to our team at

    Set yourself a goal as to how much money you would like to raise. Make sure it’s realistic for the time period you have.
    If you are fundraising online, and once you have set up your account on Everyday Hero, donate yourself or ask a friend to donate, a large amount of money (say, $50-$100) to set a precedent for your sponsors to donate the same amount.


    Setting up an online fundraising page with Everyday Hero is the easiest way to raise funds for Greenfleet.
    However, if you wish to conduct other fundraising activities offline read these guidelines anddownload the Community Fundraising Kit and complete the Application Form for Authority to Fundraise on page 9.


    Will you email all your friends and family to donate? Will you hold events to raise money? Will you ask your workplace to get involved? Don’t be scared to ask, if you don’t say anything you won’t raise anything!


    What events will you hold to raise money? Where will you hold them? What date and time will you hold them? What do you need to make them work (you can’t hold a sausage sizzle without a BBQ and sausages!)? How many people will you need to help you out? How will you let people know that you’re raising money for Greenfleet? Write a checklist of all the things you will need and don’t forget to tell people what event you’re taking part in.


    How can you spread the word? Facebook, Twitter, email, texts? Never doubt the effects of social media and it’s FREE. If you are holding a BBQ down at the local football club, for instance, put posters up in the surrounding shops to lure people over.


    Can you get local businesses to donate products to raffle off?
    If you hold a sausage sizzle, the local bakery might be able to donate their left over bread, the local butcher might discount some sausages and a local restaurant that can donate sauce, napkins or even onions.


    Go through the checklist of everything you need. How much are you selling the sausages for? Does it cover the costs of the necessities and make a surplus? Is it enough?


    Make sure you register your fundraising activity with Greenfleet and receive approval before you get started.
    Check if you need any permission to hold the event, remember to check with Commonwealth, State and Territory legislation and local government regulations. For instance, if you plan to raise more than $10,000 in Victoria you need to register as a fundraiser with the Consumer Affairs Victoria (
    Do you require any public liability for your activity?


    Use social media, email, sponsors, posters, and the press. Use every opportunity available to advertise your event.
    Although we welcome your support to Greenfleet through your fundraising activity, the event or activity is not a Greenfleet event. We suggest using this alternative wording on promotional material ‘Proudly supporting Greenfleet’.
    Authorisation to use the Greenfleet trademark will be granted on request and after assessment of the fundraising activity.


    Above all – enjoy this event. This is everything you have worked for personally – you deserve to have a great time!


    Thank everyone who attended your fundraiser. Thank everyone who helps you raise money. Thank everyone who sponsored you. All of these people have helped you in a huge way, and all of them
We share with you the inspiring stories of some of the adventurers and big-hearted supporters of our cause. They organised events or achieved amazing challenges to raise funds for Greenfleet and help us continue to restore biodiverse forests.


Emily's Camino for Climate Change

April 2014

In 2014 Emily embarked on a challenge of a lifetime: a unique adventure which took her through 860km on the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St James).
While hiking her way from France to Spain, Emily decided to raise funds for Greenfleet to walk the talk (quite literally) and help fight climate change. Emily aimed at raising enough money to plant 1 native tree for every kilometre she walks - that's 860 trees!
Here is what Emily said: "This walk is not only a personal challenge and something I've been wanting to do for a long time, but an opportunity to do what I have never done... Act on my concerns, raise awareness and raise funds for a charity that not only helps many, but all."



Chris Hayward - Wandering Adventurer

December 2013 - May 2014

After kayaking the Murray River from source to sea in 2012, Chris is back on the water, but this time he is attempting the ascent of the Mighty Murray, kayaking unassisted from sea to source.

Chris started his trip in December 2013 completed it in May 2014 after quite some adventures and the final hike to the top of Mt Kosciuszko.

We think what Chris does is pretty special and we're in awe of his amazing courage and determination!




Newton High School of Performing Arts: NHSPA Earth Festival 2013

March 2013

Newton High School of Performing Arts held their fifth annual Earth Festival, teaching students to be sustainable while raising money to plant trees with Greenfleet.

Students could buy tokens and spend them at stalls including paint a rubbish bin, cycle a smoothie and go second-hand shopping through the wardrobe department.

There were also performances by school bands, dancers and actors themed around the environment.

The school raised enough funds to plant 821 native trees with Greenfleet.


Lifeuphoria: 4 men, 4 bikes, for LIFE, for charity

June 2012 - January 2013

Four daring adventurers set out from Darwin on June 1st on their bicycles, to ride 18,000 kilometres and return to the exact same place just seven months later.  Their goal: a round-trip of the Australian mainland in one amazing cycling tour. Nick Scaife (GB), Tommy Gurr (GB), Jimmy McGee (USA) and Markus Schorn (DE) have all completed cycle tours in different parts of the world, but this epic trip is the longest any of them have ever contemplated.

Through their epic journey the team raised over $5,000 for Greenfleet.


Expedition River Rider

August - November 2012

At 18, Chris Hayward was the youngest person, to kayak 2,600km solo from 'source to sea' down the Murray River. The 99-day expedition took Chris through 3 Australian states, paddling down Australia's longest river.

On his way, Chris raised just under $1,000 to support the Australian environment via Greenfleet.


Matt Grantham's charity show

During the 2012 International Comedy Festival in Melbourne, comedian Matt Grantham donated the proceeds of one of his comedy shows ("How many politicians does it take to change a lightbulb?") to Greenfleet.

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