Tips to reduce emissions

At Greenfleet we believe that we all need to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, not just offset them, to reach the low carbon future our society and planet need to survive.

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Tips to reduce emissions

Buying Goods & Services

What's the issue?

The goods and services we consume generate greenhouse gases in a number of ways:

  1. The energy used to produce the product or service, this is known as embedded energy
  2. The energy used by the product or service while you are using it
  3. The emissions generated once we are finished with a product (end-of-life), which depend on whether the item is sent to landfill, re-used, recycled, etc.

By thinking about each of these stages when making a purchase there is potential to reduce your carbon footprint dramatically.

How to avoid and reduce emissions

  • Buy local. Find out where your purchases are coming from - read Reduce the emissions associated with transporting your purchases long distances.

  • Reach for the stars! Household appliances like fridges and freezers, clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers and air-conditioners all need to meet mandatory minimum energy efficiency standards and must carry an energy rating label when they are sold. This gives you an easy way to compare energy efficiency between products when shopping. As a general rule more stars means a more efficient appliance - but be sure to read the numbers too, as smaller appliances might get fewer stars than a larger appliance, but still use less energy because of their overall size.

  • Don't leave electrical items on Standby. The power consumed in standby mode on many appliances can be quite substantial and is costing you money and releasing greenhouse gases.

  • You can measure the energy consumption of most appliances using a simple power meter which plugs in between the power socket and the appliance. Test your appliances when operating and in various standby phases. Many local libraries or environment groups have meters that you can hire, or you can buy them from environment shops.

  • Don't throw it away - if it still works try to find someone who can use it, if it doesn't work recycle it.  Visit the Waste section for more ideas.

Offset emissions

It's important that we counteract the impact of the greenhouse emissions we create by undertaking an activity to absorb an equivalent amount of greenhouse gas from the atmosphere.  Greenfleet plants permanent, biodiverse, native forests to offset greenhouse gas emissions on behalf of businesses and individuals.

Offset your emissions

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