Tips to reduce emissions

At Greenfleet we believe that we all need to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, not just offset them, to reach the low carbon future our society and planet need to survive.

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Tips to reduce emissions


What's the issue?

Cars have become a fundamental mode of transport in Australia and most households have at least one. But the convenience of cars means that many greenhouse gas emissions are generated unnecessarily.

Every litre of unleaded petrol consumed generates around 2.5kg* of greenhouse gas (measured in CO2-e or carbon dioxide equivalent), one litre of diesel fuel generates about 2.9kg* CO2-e and LPG 1.7kg* CO2-e.

The efficiency of the vehicle (a function of design, engine, weight, etc.) and driving style of the driver determine the fuel consumption and the amount of greenhouse gases released per kilometre, so there are plenty of factors that can be changed to reduce the emissions you create.

How to avoid and reduce emissions

  • Do you drive to the local shops?  Think about these options (individually or combined) to reduce your car trips:
    • Write a list and make just one trip per week to purchase everything at once
    • Buy smaller loads to carry home on foot or bicycle
    • Shop on your way home from work instead of making an extra trip
    • Shop with a nearby friend - two families get their groceries in one car trip

  • Catch public transport.  You can 'PT' it to most locations in most major cities. Particularly in peak hour- when traffic is congested - trains, trams and buses offer a more sustainable alternative and can even save you time.

  • Ride a bike - it's emission free. Enjoy the scenery and health benefits too. Find out about local bike paths through your local council or visit the Bicycle Network website for more resources and tips to get started.
    Here are some good tips for safer riding in the city: Sharing The Road (PDF)

  • Investigate car sharing and car pooling options. These programs are great if you can use alternative transport options most of the time, but need the convenience of a car (or a second car) every once in a while. Find out more.

  • Need to get the kids to school, sports, parties and other activities? Co-ordinate with other parents to share the driving - not only will this reduce your emissions, it can free up some precious time and create social opportunities. Walking and cycling are also great options, with health benefits as well as environmental ones.

And remember, if you do have to drive, do it as efficiently as possible - find out how with these driving tips.

Check out the Green Vehicle Guide and compare the Fuel Consumption Label to find the greenest car that suits your needs if you are in the market for a new vehicle.

Offset the rest

It's important that we counteract the impact of the greenhouse emissions we create by undertaking an activity to absorb an equivalent amount of greenhouse gas from the atmosphere. Greenfleet plants permanent, biodiverse, native forests to offset greenhouse gas emissions on behalf of businesses and individuals.

Offset your emissions


*Full Fuel Cycle emissions - National Greenhouse Accounts Factors, July 2011