Tips to reduce emissions

At Greenfleet we believe that we all need to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, not just offset them, to reach the low carbon future our society and planet need to survive.

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Tips to reduce emissions


What's the issue?

While you won't personally save money by conserving energy at work, you will certainly still help the planet by reducing your energy consumption. 

If you take responsibility for conserving energy at work where you have control, and everyone else does the same, we can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the workplace.

How to avoid and reduce emissions

  • Switch off lights in rooms when not in use - particularly communal areas like meeting rooms, kitchen, storage areas and toilets, where everyone assumes someone else will turn off the lights.

  • Turn off your computer at the end of the day rather than leaving it on standby - and check whether the monitor needs to be turned off separately.  You should also turn the computer off if it will be unused for an extended period.

  • Turn off other equipment if you are last to leave - photocopiers, printers, fax machines, coffee machines, etc.

  • Defrost the communal fridge so it runs efficiently.

  • Walk to work, cycle, catch public transport or car pool with a colleague to reduce your transport emissions.

  • Look for inefficiencies in the equipment or processes that you are directly involved in. Suggest changes to management - explaining that you may save them money as well as saving greenhouse gases.

  • Start up a green office brigade - once other people see what you are doing they'll want to follow the pack.

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Offset the rest

Get your green office brigade to work with management to offset any unavoidable emissions in the workplace.

Contact one of our business offset managers for assistance calculating and offsetting your business' car fleet, air travel and on-site energy consumption.

Offset your emissions