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“Each of us has a role to play in climate action.”

“Each of us has a role to play in climate action.”

We interviewed our CEO, Wayne, to get more insight into the history of Greenfleet, what new initiatives the team is working on and why it’s important to take climate action.


Transcript of Wayne’s interview:

Tell us about Greenfleet

Greenfleet 1.0 was a great entrepreneurial idea in the 90s, to connect mobility - that is your vehicle, with biodiversity - planting trees. Version 2, under the previous CEO, was very much about locking down some systems, making sure that our forestry was at the appropriate standards.

Version 3.0 of Greenfleet has been tempting to become the sort of group that people say "wow, if you want to see a really effective not-for-profit, that's where you need to be going into."

And we want to do that right across the board. We want to be financially strong. We want people to know we're a practical, pragmatic, execution-focused organisation. We also want to know that if people have a great idea, we're an organisation that's really looking for good ideas and always willing to pursue them. It's really important for us to be innovative and open-minded for the future work we're going to bring the next 20 years. We're working on a whole variety of new projects, with a whole variety of partners across Australia and New Zealand, to bring innovation to sustainability and to ensure that climate action continues to grow and develop.

We would hope to be seen as one of the exemplar sustainability organisations in Australia. And we know that we're one of the exemplar carbon offset organisations globally.

I guess version 1 and 2 were, of their nature, slightly humble, under the radar. And I think that's a great virtue. In a very globalised, connected world like ours nowadays, we need to be more willing to tell our story.


Tell us more about Greenfleet’s new initiatives

One would definitely be urban greenery.

We know that local governments, cities are a critical player in move towards sustainability. You know as some phrase this, if sustainability is the endpoint then cities will be one of the accelerators. So how do we help that acceleration.

Greenfleet traditionally has planted in rural areas around Australia and now in New Zealand. So the opportunity is to bring that expertise to the city. The role of urban greenery is a critical part of mental health and physical health.

It doesn't take Einstein to know that having urban forests and access to greenery is going to make a difference to kids who need to run around. That's an obvious thing.

But also places which have a stream of wild ecosystems running through them as well, which is where we focus. Where animals and suchlike find habitat that they're comfortable with, in particular in booming cities like Melbourne with lots of apartment blocks we're going to face some of the issues that, maybe, we haven't had to deal with 20-30 years ago.


Why become a supporter

I think each of us individually, and each of us in the organisations that we work in, and each of us in the households and families we live in, have a role to play in climate change - or, what I call, climate action.

By donating to us we can plant up thousands of hectares of forests that will be protected for the rest of the century, and that's a very, very simple action that has a massive, on-going, and very long-term impact.

I think Greenfleet, more than any other organisations, has the opportunity to demonstrate, not only millions of tonnes of carbon that will be sequestered by our forests over the rest of the century, but also providing biodiversity habitat, improving water quality, managing flood risk, improving social cohesion, protecting eco-tourist assets and therefore local economies, and so on.

It's really empowering to do this work. It's really fantastic to know that you can take action and measurably show the impact we can have on our environment.

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