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Press releases


March 2018 - The Prince of Wales to learn more about Low Glow project in Bundaberg.pdf
April 2018 - New Low Glow partners join forces to protect Bundaberg’s sea turtles.pdf
April 2018 - Joint media release - Upper Stony Creek transformation to begin.pdf
May 2018 - Green future for Kowanyama: National partnership to plant 1,000 trees bears fruit.pdf


May 2017 - National non-profit invests close to a quarter million dollars in local economy.pdf
June 2017 - New forest at Johanna Beach to grow tourism, environment and the economy for Great Ocean Road region.pdf
September 2017 - Green gifts for Gippsland, Free forests on offer for landholders.pdf
September 2017 - Greenfleet plants 50,000 new trees in NSW this month.pdf
November 2017 - Bundaberg community builds momentum for turtle conservation.pdf


May 2016 - Skiers tackle climate change with Greenfleet.pdf
October 2016 - [Joint media release] Exciting partnership to transform Upper Stony Creek.pdf
December 2016 - Greenfleet teams with Victorian Government in Australian first on carbon.pdf
December 2016 - New drive to restore New Zealand's biodiversity.pdf


February 2015 -  New Greenfleet Chair to drive ambitious strategy.pdf
March 2015 - Blue Carbon strategy to tackle climate change.pdf
April 2015 -Sustainability specialist, Angela McClowry, joins Greenfleet Board.pdf
May 2015 - Greenfleet adopts world’s best practice, commits to Gold Standard Foundation.pdf
June 2015 - Smartsalary customers help Greenfleet to plant one million trees.pdf
September 2015 - Tasmanians look to take practical action on climate change.pdf
November 2015 - New partnership to enrich 'green infrastructure' in New Zealand.pdf

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