Get more credit for your carbon offsets with Greenfleet's socially and environmentally responsible carbon offsets


Offset your organisation's carbon emissions

Greenfleet protects our climate by restoring native forests. When you offset emissions with Greenfleet, you are choosing the most responsible carbon offset option for your organisation.

By turning carbon dioxide into biodiverse forests with Greenfleet, thousands of individuals and hundreds of organisations are already investing in the health and vitality of Australia's unique natural heritage.

At Greenfleet we focus on offsetting emissions generated through vehicles, air travel and the gas and electricity used by businesses.

There are different offset options available to your organisation:

  1. Simply use our online tool and select the number of vehicles in your fleet, or of flights to offset and proceed to the checkout to pay for your offset online.
  2. Contact our Partnerships Manager to discuss a personalised solution for your carbon offsets based on detailed data.


Offset today


Greenfleet offsets can be combined with product promotions, corporate fundraising and workplace giving to involve your staff and position your organisation as a responsible corporate citizen.

Contact our team to discuss options and get started today!


Trust Australia & New Zealand's most respected provider of responsible carbon offsets

Established in 1997, Greenfleet was the first to plant biodiverse forests to offset carbon emissions. So it's not surprising that Greenfleet is the trusted offset provider for hundreds of organisations around Australia and New Zealand.

At Greenfleet we're careful to make sure that the forests we plant are appropriate to the land where they grow. We work towards restoring forests as they would have been hundreds of years ago and, in doing so, make the best possible use of your carbon offset dollar.

Planting a biodiverse mix of native species is the only way to ensure that the resulting forests meet the highest standards of ecological sustainability.

To date we have planted in excess of 8.9 million native trees in mixed species forests across more than 475 sites around Australia and New Zealand. That's more biodiverse forests than any other Australian offsetter.

Click here to find out more about the benefits of planting native forests to offset carbon.


Communicate a positive sustainability agenda

Greenfleet can help your organisation demonstrate to your staff and customers that you take full responsibility for avoiding, reducing and offsetting your carbon emissions.

Communicating a commitment to sustainability is a smart move in the current business environment. It makes sense to let your customers know that you are doing the right thing, which is what Greenfleet is all about.


Reduce your emissions

Remember, offsetting is only one part of the solution. It's important that you try to avoid and reduce emissions at the source wherever possible, and then offset what's left.

Discover how you can avoid and reduce carbon emissions at your workplace.




Join hundreds of responsible organisations and offset your emissions today, by simply selecting the source of emissions you would like to offset.

If you would like to discuss a more complicated business offset please call us on 1800 032 999 (toll free) or submit an online query.



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