Becoming carbon neutral 

What does 'Carbon Neutral' mean?

An organisation, activity, process, event or building is considered ’carbon neutral‘ when its net greenhouse gas emissions are equal to zero.

To achieve carbon neutral certification in Australia, entities must measure all carbon emissions generated by their operations, reduce these where possible, offset any remaining emissions through the purchase of approved carbon credits, and publicly report on carbon neutrality.

The Australian Government's Carbon Neutral Program certifies organisations, products and services, events and precincts against Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard (the Standard). This certification process will then allow you to use the official Climate Active carbon neutral trademark and the term ‘carbon neutral certified’.


How can Greenfleet support my business?

For organisations seeking or maintaining Carbon Neutral accreditation, Greenfleet offers a unique package of Greenfleet offsets bundled with the Standard approved credits.

With this package, you can elect to purchase one the Standard approved credit for each tonne of carbon emissions you offset through Greenfleet. Please note that Greenfleet guidelines apply. 

Greenfleet offsets support local Australian native reforestation projects with strong environmental and biodiversity outcomes. Your carbon offset contributes directly to future carbon sequestration projects and ensures your organisation is leading the way on climate action.

This joint approach to your carbon offsetting program ensures you receive:

- the Standard approved credits that can be used to meet your Climate Active carbon neutral certification from an existing international project
- Greenfleet carbon offsets which invest in the Australian environment and build climate change resilience.

What's the difference between credits and offsets?

The major difference between carbon credits and Greenfleet offsets is that carbon credits relate past emissions, while Greenfleet offsets relate to future emissions. The Standard approved credits (such as ACCU’s, VCUs and Gold Standard carbon credits) are predominantly derived from existing or past overseas carbon emission reduction projects, for example wind farm projects in India.

While these credits are eligible to be used in achieving Climate Active carbon neutral certification, the programs focus on carbon mitigation (reducing emissions) instead of capturing emissions. 

The difference between these credits and Greenfleet offsets is that our offsets directly support future reforestation projects in Australia and New Zealand that will capture carbon from the atmosphere. The process of capturing carbon remains the only scalable means we have currently to counteract the negative impacts of climate change.  

Getting started is easy

For more information, please contact our team to find out how this might work for your organisation. 

You can also view our flyer Becoming Carbon Neutral (PDF 2.4MB)

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