'Plant a Forest' Program

Here at Greenfleet we encourage businesses and organisations of all sizes to take practical climate action, to recognise the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and to strive to be great corporate citizens.

Greenfleet is happy to work with organisations who are looking to improve their environment reputation and be more involved. Contact our team to discuss how we can plant biodiverse forests together via the sale of your product or service today!

It could be your point of difference and your customers will respect your efforts. Benefits include:

  • Certificates of achievement when you join;
  • Greenfleet Awards for continuous support of over five years;
  • Social media publicity to a wide corporate and individual audience across Australia;
  • Free announcement press release;
  • Annual Review;
  • Annual Access to ceremonial planting & field days.

By supporting Greenfleet, hundreds of organisations are taking responsibility for their impact on the environment and are minimising their operational carbon footprint through our biodiverse carbon offset program.

Be one of them!

We have many great corporate fundraising ideas that can be easily be implemented. Email us at marketing@greenfleet.com.au or call us on 1800 032 999 (toll free).

Promotional Fundraising

Promotional fundraising is a great way to support Greenfleet through the sales of your products and services. Demonstrate your commitment to have a positive impact on the planet by donating a percentage of your sales to Greenfleet, or by planting one native tree for every orders. There are many ways to get involved. Contact us today!


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Workplace Giving Program

Demonstrate your organisation's CSR efforts and increase staff retention by giving your employees the opportunity to make pre-tax donations with a Greenfleet Workplace Giving Program.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is an essential component of every corporate strategies. Hundreds of organisations are including Greenfleet in their CSR strategy to minimise their impact on the environment.

Be recognised for doing what's best for the Australian environment through carbon offsetting, workplace giving programs or promotional fundraising. There are many ways to get involved with Greenfleet and demonstrate your commitment to making a positive difference.


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