Our projects

Greenfleet is focused on delivering projects with strong environmental outcomes, along with social and economic co-benefits.

Our projects are funded by individual and corporate supporter donations.  

We work with a wide range of project partners, including federal, state and local government, corporate partners and peer environmental organisations. We actively seek out partnerships with organisations committed to taking practical action on climate change and the environment.

While all our forestry projects are designed to protect our climate, we also work to deliver additional community benefits, including: 

  • biodiversity and endangered species protection
  • improved land productivity
  • health and well-being
  • job creation
  • community engagement.  

Low Glow

Greenfleet is working to protect Australia's endangered sea turtle population through the creation of "low glow" coastal communities.


Kowanyama community planting project

Working with traditional owners and the local community, we planted 1,000 trees in Kowanyama, Queensland to protect the climate and supply a source of fresh fruit. 

Innovative climate change research project at Nardoo Hills

Learn more about this innovative climate change research project at Nardoo Hills which aims to protect and restore our threatened temperate woodlands.  

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