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Annual Reviews

A lot happens each year at Greenfleet, so we put together an Annual Review to give you a snapshot of our achievements and activities.

Greenfleet's financial year operates from 1 January to 31 December each year, so the most recent Annual Review features our achievements from the previous year.

Click on the thumbnails below to browse Greenfleet's Annual Reviews published since 2007.

 Annual Review 2016

Cover of Greenfleet's 2016 Annual Review 

 Annual Review 2015

Cover of Greenfleet's 2015 Annual Review 

 2014 Financial Report







 Annual Review 2013

Cover of Greenfleet's 2013 Annual Review 


 Annual Review 2012
Greenfleet's 2012 Annual Review

Annual Review 2011
Cover of the Greelfeet 2011 Annual Review

 Annual Review 2010
Cover of Greenfleet 2010 Annual Review
 Annual Review 2009
Cover of Greenfleet 2009 Annual Review
 Annual Review 2008
Cover of Greenfleet 2008 Annual Review
 Annual Review 2007
Cover of GReenfleet 2007 Annual Review



Photo of Greenfleet newslettersGreenfleet publishes an electronic newsletter every month. It delivers interesting stories about our forests, new projects, supporter achievements, interviews and more. Click here to sign up.

In the past, we published a magazine-style newsletter. Click here to browse past editions.



Are you raising funds for Greenfleet or simply want to spread the word about our environmental charity? Feel free to download these posters and print them out!

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