Avoid and reduce

At Greenfleet we believe that we all need to AVOID and REDUCE greenhouse gas emissions, not just OFFSET them, to reach the low carbon future our society and planet need to survive.  Find out how you can avoid and reduce your emissions.

Offset your emissions

Even if you reduce your emissions significantly, you are unlikely to eliminate all sources of greenhouse gases in your life. 

Greenfleet's native forests recapture carbon dioxide that has already been released into the atmosphere, while also restoring habitat and biodiversity.  Find out more about offsetting your emissions, or, if you're ready to offset, simply click the buttons at the top of the page.

Greenfleet supporters

Many of Australia's leading companies, government authorities, SMEs and households already trust Greenfleet to provide voluntary carbon offsets.  Find out who else is already offsetting with Australia's most trusted provider of voluntary carbon offsets.