Restoring Cassowary habitat

Greenfleet is involved in the revegetation of Gurrbum Reserve in Northern Queensland. This project is playing a critical role in helping preserve and build cassowary habitat in the region.  

The property is located in Smith’s Gap and once revegetated will form a critical linking corridor along the Walter Hill Range, between the Tully Gorge, Japoon National Park and the Walter Hill Conservation Park in QLD. The long-term objectives for the project are to build resilient habitat for the region’s Cassowaries and establish a nature refuge.  

Cassowary populations have been impacted by land clearing and require dense rainforest to thrive. In their natural habitat, Cassowaries act as gardeners of the rainforest as their grazing and scat helps move native seed through the area. This means that giving cassowaries the ability to move safely through the region is important to both the animals and the survival of the rainforest as a whole.  

Complementing the revegetation effort is the construction of a fauna land bridge across the Bruce Highway. This will allow cassowaries and other wildlife to move safely into the Walter Hill Conservation Park and through to the Djiru National Park which adjoins Wongaling Beach. 

In 2020, evidence was found of Cassowaries already being present in the Gurrbum Reserve, which is exciting news for the project. Continued revegetation of the site in 2021 will encourage even more wildlife activity and the bolstering of the area’s ecosystem.  

This important reforestation project is being completed in conjunction with Queensland Trust for Nature, C4, Brettacorp, Terrain and volunteers from the local community. Work will continue at Gurrbum in 2021. 


Location size

3 hectares in Northern Queensland

Planting dates

2020, 2021